New Municipal Ward Boundaries

New Municipal Ward Boundaries to take effect for the 2014 Municipal Election

In advance of the 2014 Municipal Election the City of Brampton reviewed its ward boundary structure. City Council passed a by-law in March 2013 to re-divide the existing 10 wards into 10 new wards, with adjustments made to the boundary lines (see map below).

New Approved Wards

Why was the boundary changed?

As a rapidly growing city, it was important to ensure that Brampton's wards remain in line with population trends and growth.  The boundary lines were adjusted to allow for more equal representation.  Public consultation played an important role in the review process.

When does the change take effect?

The new boundaries are effective December 1, 2014.  Until then, the ward that you are in and your respective Regional and city Councillor remain unchanged.

How does the ward boundary change impact me?

Depending on the new boundary lines, your ward may change.  This means for the purpose of the 2014 Municipal Election you will vote according to the new ward you will live in on December 1, 2014.

How do I get more information?

Additional information on the municipal election will be available Fall 2013 on  In the meantime contact the City Clerk's Office at 905.874.2139 or or twitter @BramptonWards