Flower City Strategy- So much more than flowers!




Brampton, an international city that works beautifully! Rich in arts and culture, inspiring proud citizens to celebrate their heritage and diversity by working together to build a safe, green and vibrant community for people of all ages. 


City Hall 


More than 100 years ago, Brampton distinguished itself as one of the world’s top flower producers.  Brampton’s roses were proudly known as a symbol of excellence and quality the world over. Today, as Brampton grows into a cosmopolitan and diverse city; Brampton’s commitment to quality and excellence remains unchanged.



Adopted by Council in June 2002, the Flower City Strategy is a multi-faceted strategy seeking to promote quality, excellence and pride in all that we do, from city services to program development to community outreach.



The Flower City Strategy believes that by placing emphasis on: Placemaking, Promotion and Partnership, we will distinguish ourselves as the Flower City of Canada and truly be the model of a city that works beautifully.


  • Placemaking: create beautiful and distinctive spaces in Brampton that enhance its image, and contribute to defining and celebrating the city's identity.
  • Promotion: undertake activities that increase awareness of Flower City initiatives and their role in creating a unique identity for Brampton.

  • Partnership: develop long-term relationships that engage residents and businesses alike, to work with the City to achieve Flower City initiatives