Council-authorized Investigation into a complaint letter received April 22, 2021.

Update on the Investigation

Brampton City Council authorized an investigation into a complaint letter received April 22, 2021, regarding allegations of administrative conduct including personnel matters and adherence to policies which it takes very seriously. On May 19, 2021, Council announced a 30-day review of the complaint led by a 3rd party firm Deloitte LLP which is underway.

Current and former staff, and members of the public, who have information related to the investigation are able to participate in this process without reprisal, in accordance with City policy.

Here is a May 27 letter from the Ontario Ombudsman indicating they will not be reviewing this matter further at this time.

Here is a June 15 letter from Peel Regional Police indicating they will not be reviewing this matter further at this time.

Submitting Relevant Information for this Investigation

A reporting platform has been established to submit information that may be relevant to the investigation or other unethical conduct/governance matters.  This platform is an independent reporting service operated by Deloitte on behalf of the City of Brampton. This platform will remain accessible for the duration of the investigation or until Council decides otherwise.

To find out more or report information that may be relevant to the investigation, please go to the reporting platform here:

If you prefer to send an email to provide information, please email Deloitte at

Submitting Complaints NOT Related to this Investigation or Public Inquiries for the City 

The City of Brampton is committed to continuous organizational improvement in an environment where feedback and complaints are dealt with fairly in a respectful, transparent and timely manner. Public feedback, complaints or compliments can be directed through the regular process:

Please click here to contact the City about your request for service (i.e. repairing a street surface), feedback to improve our services or write to us online​ click here.

All feedback and complaints will be dealt with in a confidential manner according to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Information will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with the Act.

City Council Investigation Decisions To-date

June 23, 2021 - Committee of Council Meeting

That direction be provided to the Investigator to extend the Council-authorized investigation to no later than eight weeks from June 23, 2021 to address the approved scope of the investigation, subject to further consideration of time extension as determined by Council.​

June 16, 2021 - City Council Meeting

June 2, 2021 - City Council Meeting

Whereas the allegations made of misconduct by senior officials have been widely reported in the media and are a matter of public interest;

Whereas members of Council have been contacted by numerous Brampton residents indicating they are unaware of steps being taken to address the allegations with concerns about transparency and openness;

Whereas the role of the municipal council is to ensure accountability and transparency of municipal operations;

Whereas transparent and open decision-making processes are a part of the foundation of good municipal governance;

Whereas continually going into the closed session may indicate to residents that the transparency, accountability and credibility of the investigative process could potentially be hindered;

Therefore be it resolved that:

Discussions and decisions related to the third-party investigation pertaining to timelines,  agreed upon scope, and final outcome be discussed and voted on in open public session to ensure transparency, accountability, ethical good governance and fairness to Brampton residents;

That staff be requested to publicize the means by which the public is able to provide information to the investigation process.

Direction was given in Closed Session that the following directions be publicly made on behalf of Council with respect to Item 19.3.

  • That staff be directed to publicly release the response letter received from the Ontario Ombudsman​ in regard to the investigation.
  • That the City Clerk be directed to provide the closed session minutes and audio records from closed session consideration of the complaint and investigation matter (since April 23, 2021) to the Investigator for its consideration.

May 19, 2021 - City Council Meeting

Direction was given in Closed Session that the following public statement be made on behalf of Council with respect to Item 19.7.

A 30 day review of the complaint as outlined in the letter from Gurdeep Kaur, dated April 22, is bein​g undertaken, with the scope of the investigation being the allegations contained in the letter, including:

  1. Procurement issues
  2. Discriminatory allegations
  3. Workplace bullying and harassment
  4. Destruction of information
  5. Hiring practices
  6. Standard polices and procedures compliance

May 12, 2021 - Special City Council Meeting

Resolution C155-2021

That, notwithstanding Purchasing By-law 19-2018, and in accordance with Schedule D of the by-law pertaining to the non-application of a procurement process in defined circumstances, the City Cler​k be directed to negotiate and execute any agreements and all documents with the one firm engaged by the Clerk to undertake the Council authorized investigation work as per Resolution C130-2021 in regard to the complaint email dated April 22, 2021, including responses, and scope previously directed by Council, on terms acceptable to the City Clerk and in a form acceptable to the City Solicitor or designate; and

That the investigation scope include a provision that no current or previous employee be prohibited from participating in the investigation, if deemed necessary.

April 23, 2021 – Special City Council Meeting

Resolution C130-2021

That Council direct:

  1. The engagement of a 3rd Party Investigator, and external counsel as required, subject to consideration by Committee of Council at its April 28 meeting, in regard to the complaint (received April 22, 2021) and the response of the City and staff to determine the validity of such complaint and the response;
  2. The City Solicitor and City Clerk execute this agreement for the independent 3rd Party Investigator and external counsel (if necessary), to be ratified by Council, with the terms of reference (including timelines) for the engaged parties reporting directly to City Council.

Resolution C131-2021

Resolution C132-2021


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