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City will resume enforcement of the Adequate Heat By-law on October 1

​In light of the forecasted seasonal weather, the City of Brampton will resume enforcement of the Adequate Heat By-law 240-92 on Sunday, October 1.

Section 2 (a) of the Adequate Heat By-law requires adequate and suitable heat to be provided by a landlord in rental accommodations in the colder months between September 15 and June 1 to a minimum of 20 degrees Celsius. The purpose of the Adequate Heat By-law is to provide a basis for tenants to provide adequate warmth during cooler months. It draws authority from the Municipal Act.

On Friday, September 22, Brampton City Council amended the Adequate Heat By-law to delegate the Commissioner of Corporate Services the authority to direct that section 2 (a) not be enforced for periods as specified by the Commissioner. Council also directed staff to further review and bring forward a revised by-law for consideration by Council by April 2018.

Enforcement of the By-law was temporarily suspended on September 22 due to forecasted unseasonably high temperatures.

The safety of Brampton residents remains of the utmost importance to the City of Brampton. Landlords are asked to continue to exercise flexibility in regulating heat in their buildings, particularly during extreme weather.

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