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Good friends are hard to find. License yours today!

​​​​​​BRAMPTON, ON – No one ever thinks their pet will go missing - but it only takes a moment for an indoor cat to slip outside, or for a well-trained dog to get spooked and run off. If that happens, a licence is the best way to ensure they get home safely.

That’s why Brampton Animal Services is going door-to-door to talk to residents about the importance of licensing their cats and dogs, as required by Brampton’s Animal Control by-law. From now until the end of August, a small group of summer students, accompanied by an Animal Control Officer, will share information and answer questions about licensing. They will not be issuing tickets, but if you forgot to buy your licence and wish to purchase one on the spot, you can.

The annual door-to-door visits are done in different areas of the city each summer. This summer, they will be concentrated in the area bordered by Bovaird Drive, Bramalea Road, Queen Street and Highway 410. Some outreach may be done in other areas, and the teams will also have pop-up displays at various parks.

All visits will be done during regular business hours, Monday to Friday. The teams will be carrying City-issued identification and will be wearing light-blue shirts with the City of Brampton Animal Services crest. If you have any questions, please contact Brampton Animal Services at 905.458.5800 or

Why is licensing so important?
• If a dog or cat gets lost, their licence is immediately visible and shows that they are not homeless.
• A licence is the fastest way for someone to contact a pet owner. This is especially important if the pet is hit by a car or otherwise injured.
• If a licensed pet comes into the shelter, Animal Services can get it home to its owner quickly. It will spend less time in the shelter, which minimizes stress for both the pet and its owner.
• Licensing helps other animals too. The money collected from licences helps Animal Services care for the animals that come through the shelter doors every day.

L-R: Ryan Petrie, Kiewan Foxe, Officer Parson, Juan Castano, Britnie Wong-Choy Green



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