Interruption of Postal Services

During the Canada Post strike, the City of Brampton will make every effort to ensure that cheques and payments for its various programs and services are made available to residents and businesses. 

We will continue to update our website with information about the strike’s impact on the City’s services, so please check back often.

Q. I haven’t received my final tax bill for 2011. Is the City still going to issue bills?

The City had scheduled the release of tax bills for the week of June 13. All bills have been produced and are ready to be mailed. Unfortunately, the strike at the Mississauga sorting plant on Tuesday, June 14 and the lockout that commenced at the end of that day prohibits us from mailing the bills. The bills will be mailed at the conclusion of the work stoppage.

Q. I am registered in the pre-authorized tax payment program for my final tax bill. How will I know how much is being withdrawn from my account, and when, if the City can’t mail me the bill?

If your payments are usually withdrawn on the 1st of the month, the first instalment for 2011 Final Taxes will be withdrawn on Monday, July 4. If your payments are usually withdrawn in the middle of the month, your first instalment for 2011 Final Taxes will be withdrawn on Friday, July 15.

The regular instalment dates are July 20, August 24, and September 21.

To estimate the amount of taxes owing, you should consider your interim tax bill and add 10% to the amount. It is better to overestimate and ensure you have enough in your account to cover the withdrawal.

If you know your 2011 property assessment, you can multiply that amount by the 2011 residential tax rate (1.181834%) and deduct your interim tax amount to arrive at the amount of your Final Tax bill.

Example: 320,000 Property Assessment * 1.181834% = $3,782
Interim Taxes = $1,800
Final Taxes = $3,782 - $1,800 = $1,982
Monthly preauthorized withdrawal = $1,982/6 = $330.33
Regular instalment amount = $1,982/3 = $660.66

Q. I have not registered for pre-authorized tax payment. How can I make tax payments to the City?

Pending a timely resolution of the Canada Post strike, we expect bills to be received by all taxpayers well in advance of the first instalment due date of July 20.

Residents are reminded that they can make a payment through one of these convenient methods:

  • Online at their bank or financial institution
  • In person at City Hall at the cashier’s desk on the first floor during business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm)
  • Drop box after hours at City Hall

Q. I am eligible for the rebate for snow removal financial assistance program? How will I get my cheque?

The City is continuing to process and issue cheques for rebates for various programs, including the rebate for snow removal financial assistance program.

We will withhold mailing these cheques pending a timely resolution of the Canada Post strike (within one week of the walkout of June 15). If the strike is not resolved in a timely manner (i.e., beyond one week of the June 15 lockout), residents are welcome to pick up their cheque at Works and Transportation at the Flower City Community Campus (8850 McLaughlin Road). Please call 905.874.2500 to arrange for pickup. Residents must show proper identification before cheques can be released.

Q. How can I pay my parking ticket?

Payments for parking tickets are accepted:

Q. How do I pay for my Provincial Offences ticket, such as speeding?

The same payment options as for parking tickets are available, plus payment may be made at either, or at any Western Union office or kiosk. Please note that the number to pay Provincial Offences fines on the telephone is 905.450.4770.

Q. How do I register and pay for recreation programs and services?

Registrations and payments can continue to be made:

  • In person at your closest registration location
  • Online through our e-Registration services
  • Via our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at 905.874.3388.

Q. I am a vendor. How do I get paid?

Vendors are invited to forward invoices via e-mail, and to register for electronic payment.  Register using the Direct Deposit form for vendors.  Complete Direct Deposit forms should be faxed to the attention of Accounting Services at 905.874.2296.

Alternatively, vendors can arrange to pick up their payment cheques at City Hall during normal business hours. Please call Accounts Payable at 905.874.2271 to arrange for pickup. Vendors must show proper identification and authorization before payment can be issued.

Q. How will I be able to receive compliance letters related to the purchase or sale of a property?

All compliance letters that are currently mailed out will be sent by fax or e-mail during the postal service interruption. Please see the Building Division web page for additional information.

Q. Will I be able to receive updates on the status of my building permit application or receive my permit to occupy a new building?

All notices prescribed by the Building Code that are currently mailed out will be sent by fax or e-mail during the postal service interruption. Please see the Building Division web page for additional information.

Q. Where can I get information on child care payments, Ontario Works cheques, Peel Living rent payments, and other social services programs?

These programs are administered by the Region of Peel. Please visit for details.

Q. What about my Employment Insurance or Old Age Security payments?

These programs are administered by the Government of Canada. Please visit Service Canada at for details.

If you have any other questions regarding City of Brampton programs and services, please call 311.