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Mayor Jeffrey's address to the International Women's Day City Hall Breakfast

Good morning and thank you for joining us for breakfast as we celebrate International Women’s Day together again.
International Women’s Day has become a day for us to pause and reflect on the accomplishments of strong women around us and more specifically on the leaders around us right here at the City.
I recently gave a speech to our business community about how Brampton is growing and my vision for where I believe we are heading - by 2041 our population is projected to be almost 900,000.
My vision is that we start acting like the big city we are.
We are not a small town that happens to have over half a million people.
We are poised to build a dynamic and bold future.
We need to disrupt the status quo in this City, and believe in a Better Brampton - who better to do that than women?
Laurel Thatcher Ulrich once said "Well-behaved women seldom make history".
Ulrich has said she didn't mean that women should misbehave in order to make history, as the quote is often interpreted
She was actually lamenting the reality that so many women who made positive impacts on society are often overlooked by history.

Now, I am not asking you, as employees of the City to misbehave – that would just be irresponsible!
What I am suggesting, however, is that we build an environment that proactively promotes hard working women making a positive impact for this City.
That the women making a difference here be recognized for the hard work that they do each and every day. 
An environment where we encourage new ideas, fresh thinking, and big goals.
We, as women, must be bold, must communicate our vision of this city, and must be courageous enough to disrupt the status quo.
For me, part of a bold future for this City includes creating the best working environment at the City of Brampton.
I believe that if you create a positive work environment you attract and retain the most talented individuals in your work force.
When you put people first your employees feel engage, when you walk the walk on inclusion, diversity and equity in the workplace you become an employer of choice.
In the future I see Brampton becoming a beacon that attracts new economic development, disrupts the status quo, and moves our city forward.
Everyday exciting things are happening as Brampton moves onto the global stage – our new university will be the single greatest incubator and catalyst for more jobs, development and investment in our city.
We all know that as women we face a different set of challenges and obstacles in the workplace and in society in general.
At the city we have hundreds of women leaders who have made us a better organization – I am proud to stand beside them and I am grateful for the work that they do each and every day.
I am here to celebrate and honour you, the women who build our City.
Happy International Women Day.