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Statement by Mayor Linda Jeffrey on City’s Storm Response

BRAMPTON - Today at Council we were able to ask questions of our Commissioner of Public Works and Engineering regarding the storm we experienced this past weekend.  

My colleagues and I learned from staff that our winter contracts for snow clearing had actually expired either in mid-March or at the beginning of April.  When the contracts end the equipment and operators also are in short supply. Most of our trucks had already been converted (plows had been removed) for summer operations. Our City staff worked around the clock to bring back as many operators and equipment as possible. 

The communication by the City to our residents should have happened much earlier. We intend to do better in the future.  

Council unanimously passed a motion directing staff to review the City’s storm response this past weekend and report back on measures that can be taken to better combat extreme weather incidents. 

The reality is that these extreme weather events are happening more frequently and we as a City need to adjust how we respond not only to the event but to our residents. I know that my residents were frustrated and we as a Council heard your concerns about public safety.  The safety of all our residents and their ability to get to work, to school and to appointments is paramount. 

When City Staff brings back the report you have my assurance that I will be making that update public and seek your input.​