Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t the petition available electronically?

The Province of Ontario does not accept online petitions at this time, so we had to take the paper approach. To make it as easy as possible for people to sign the petition, we’ll have Fair Deal for Brampton petition stands at more than 40 locations across the city. These petitions will be available at the end of June until the Fall. You can also download a pdf of the petition​, get your friends and neighbours to sign it and mail it back. ​

For those with accessibility issues

  • If you have an accessibility concern that limits your ability to sign the petition in person, please email, and we’ll follow up with you.

What will be done with the petitions once the campaign is over?

Representatives will bring the petition to Queen’s Park later this year to voice our demands and ensure the Province understands we want a fair deal for Brampton.

Where will petitions be available?

Over the next week petitions will be delivered across the city. Petitions can be found at recreation centres, select Brampton Transit terminals, Brampton City Hall and special events across the city. To find a full listing/map with locations, visit:> Take a Stand

How can I encourage Bramptonians to get more involved?

We’re encouraging residents to share their healthcare stories with us by engaging in our Facebook group, or using #FairDealForBrampton across social media. They can sign up to be a voice at Queen’s Park later this year and demand action by visiting > Take a Stand​

Is this a politically driven initiative?

No, this campaign is a non-partisan initiative supported by all of council led by the City.

Where can I direct any questions or comments regarding Fair Deal for Brampton?

All questions and inquiries can be directed to

What is a Twibbon campaign?

A Twibbon Campaign is a dedicated microsite where you can show your support for a cause, brand or organisation on Facebook and Twitter by adding a frame to your profile picture. You can help support #FairDealForBrampton, add a Twibbon now!​​​​​​​​​​​