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Media Release: Brampton changes Fireworks By-law

​BRAMPTON, ON: Today, Council approved a new Fireworks By-law to allow the use of short-range fireworks on all Brampton residential properties on Victoria Day, Canada Day, Diwali and New Year’s Eve, without the need for a permit. Safety is the top priority, as the by-law also bans other types of fireworks that pose a great risk of injury or damage to property.

Short-range fireworks are those that tend to travel less than three metres (10 feet) when set off (e.g. fountains, wheels, ground spinners, sparklers). 

The new rules ban all rocket-type fireworks for consumer or residential use. Rocket-type fireworks are those that could travel more than three metres (10 feet) from the point of ignition (e.g. roman candles, flying lanterns, skyrockets, and barrages). It is now also illegal to sell or possess these types of fireworks in Brampton.

“Safety is our first priority, and I’m very pleased with the direction the City has taken with the new fireworks by-law,” says Grant Gibson, Regional Councillor and Chair of the Community and Public Services Committee. “This is a proactive step that moves us forward in protecting our residents and their property, while allowing everyone to celebrate important occasions with their families.”

These changes come after a number of stakeholder meetings with fireworks vendors, the fireworks industry association, places of worship and comments received from the public.

The City will be working to educate vendors and residents on the new by-law, as well as promoting the safe handling of permitted fireworks.

Call 311 if you are concerned about the use of any prohibited fireworks that you may see.

Additional Highlights
• You may only use permitted fireworks on your own property. To use permitted fireworks on someone else’s property, you must have the permission of the property owner
• Fireworks are not allowed to be used on the street, sidewalks, within City parks or on municipal or school properties
• Fireworks can only be sold to persons 18 years of age or older, so fireworks vendors may ask to see identification

The safety of our residents is of primary importance. Anyone who sets off permitted fireworks must take measures that minimize the likelihood of fires or harm to people or property.

• You must have a container of water or a hose line that’s filled with water available to extinguish fireworks
• You must never light a firework or hold a lit firework in your hand, other than a sparkler
• After using sparklers, place them in a container of water to fully cool before disposal
• Allow all fireworks to fully cool before disposal


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Media Coordinator
City of Brampton
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