2014-2018 Council Term Orientation

​Leading up to the new term of Brampton City Council, starting on December 1, 2014, orientation and reference materials are being provided to the Council-elect regarding the City, the corporate administration and the strategic issues and opportunities before Council.  A copy of all orientation material provided to the Council-elect is listed below.


Brampton City Council Orientation 2014 (Binder) - released November 24, 2014

Council Orientation - New Term (Presentation) - released November 24, 2014

Corporate Planning Structure & Strategy (Presentation) - released November 27, 2014

Accountability and Transparency Framework and Meeting Procedures (Presentation) - released November 27, 2014

Legal Services Overview (Presentation) - released November 27, 2014

Introduction to Municipal Finance at the City (Presentation) - released November 27, 2014

Growth Management in the City of Brampton (Presentation) - released November 27, 2014