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Media Release: Ontario Ombudsman encouraged by City’s procurement progress

Monday, Mar 06 2017
BRAMPTON, ON: The report from the Ontario Ombudsman on the City of Brampton’s non-competitive procurement practices, released today, “commends” the proactive initiatives that have been implemented to improve municipal processes. 

The report, titled “Procuring Progress,” found no maladministration by the City of Brampton and noted the City’s cooperation, interest, and commitment to strengthening its procurement practices. 

“Since 2014 the City has taken numerous proactive steps to strengthen our procurement practices following past procurements of concern,” said Mayor Jeffrey. “The Ombudsman report acknowledges the City’s ongoing reorganization and suggests we have a unique opportunity to continue to strengthen the structure of the City’s audit function and to enhance its effectiveness, independence, and impartiality.”

The Ombudsman also offered suggestions to the City of Brampton, and all municipalities, in their continued commitment to improvement initiatives. The City is carefully reviewing these suggestions and has found that many have either already been addressed, or improvements are planned or underway.  Examples of work that has been undertaken to modernize the City’s procurement practices include:

• Review in 2015 of Purchasing By-law to address non-compliant procurements and strengthen the procurement process overall.  An additional review is planned in 2017 to better align practices with the suggestions of the Ombudsman and further streamline processes.
• Increased profile for procurement in the organization through a Director of Purchasing position, providing elevated strategic procurement expertise.
• Improved independence of the Internal Auditor through functional reporting to City Council.
• Facilitating implementation of audit recommendations through better alignment with the Service Innovation and Corporate Performance division
• Updating technology for a more user-friendly bidding process, better internal automation and improved business intelligence.
• Enhanced education for employees across the corporation involved in procurement.

The City remains committed to continuing to improve procurement with proactive initiatives that drive value for money.

“We thank the Ombudsman and his team for their assistance and expertise,” said Harry Schlange, Chief Administrative Officer. “Their guidance further informs our work as we continue to streamline our practices, modernize our business and become more responsive to employees, residents and businesses in Brampton.”

A full version of the Ombudsman’s report is available online here.


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