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Media Release: City of Brampton shows leadership in commitment to safety

Thursday, Feb 23 2017
BRAMPTON, ON: At its February 22 meeting, Brampton City Council unanimously adopted the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program as part of the City’s construction contract management and construction tendering process.

This program reaffirms the City’s ongoing commitment to health and safety for contractors, employees and residents. The City of Brampton is the first in the Region of Peel and one of only four municipalities in Ontario to adopt COR™.

The City of Brampton is also looking at getting COR™ certified. As a pilot project, Public Works and Engineering will be partnering with Health, Safety and Wellness to conduct a gap analysis and determine the next steps towards becoming COR™ certified.

What is COR™?
Certificate of Recognition (COR™) is a comprehensive health and safety audit tool. It is an accredited certification program in Ontario, granted by the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA), responsible for certifying contractors in Ontario's construction industry who demonstrate their standards of health and safety management systems through a structured audit process. COR™ provides validation of health and safety standards and shows a commitment to continuous monitoring and application of the program when delivering construction activities.

Apart from ensuring a comprehensive health and safety program, the key value of COR™ is to drive the need for integrating safety into the overall business process and planning of each contractor around how they conduct their business in the city of Brampton.

This initiative will be implemented as a requirement starting 2019.

“By adopting the COR™ program at the City of Brampton we are showing leadership. This initiative speaks to the significant culture change occurring at this city, and sends a strong message that Brampton makes the safety of our employees and residents a priority.”
- Mayor Linda Jeffrey


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Media Coordinator
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