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Born in Windsor, Ontario, and raised in Brampton, Gurpreet Singh Dhillon is a devoted husband, father, community leader and youth activist, and is recognized for his unwavering commitment to the prosperity of all Bramptonians.

As a Councillor, some of Gurpreet’s achievements include successfully increasing the city’s employment growth forecast by 25,000 jobs, advocating for an affordable seniors’ transit pass, and having all recorded votes posted online to increase transparency and accountability.

He also successfully lobbied the province to ban misleading door-to-door sales agents, proposed the naming of Komagata Maru Park as a cultural hub in the city, and advocated for fair and balanced rideshare and taxi regulations.

As well, Gurpreet has also consistently opposed all Councillor salary increases and all taxpayer-funded bailouts of private enterprises.

In 2015, Gurpreet founded ‘Councillor Dhillon’s Drop-in Basketball’, which is a free youth initiative that aims to keep kids off the streets and out of gangs through sport. He has also hosted neighbourhood safety town halls, ‘Municipal 101’ sessions, engaged in an annual park tour, and served on the City’s Inclusion & Equity committee and Blue Ribbon Panel.

With a proven track record for respecting and standing up for the taxpayer, Gurpreet strongly believes in the need for a fairer, equal, and affordable society in which everyone can succeed.

Gurpreet is fighting for a Brampton that is competitive, bold and forward thinking, and will continue to advocate for better transit, a safer city, and a more balanced tax base through smart planning and increased business.