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Toronto police introduce gun buyback 1 month after Brampton rejected idea

​'Anything we can do': Toronto police introduce gun buyback 1 month after Brampton rejected idea

Brampton Guardian Apr 26, 2019 by Pam Douglas 

A month after Brampton councillors flatly rejected a cash-for-guns program, Toronto police have announced a gun buyback program in their city.

Toronto police chief Mark Saunders and Mayor John Tory announced the buyback at a news conference Friday (April 26).

The buyback started Friday and will end May 17.

It offers $350 for a handgun and $200 for a long gun to City of Toronto residents, on a pre-paid credit card. Toronto council has set aside the money for the program.

Tory stressed the buyback is "one small step" in the fight against gun violence, in addition to support for police, changing laws, and most importantly "investing in kids and families in neighbourhoods across the city," which he said Toronto city councillors have been doing.

"I personally think this buyback will make a difference," he said. It's "one more thing we can do at a relatively modest investment."

He said many of the guns turned in last time a similar program was run in Toronto in 2008 had been in homes in insecure locations, under mattresses and other places, "vulnerable to being taken by bad guys in break-ins..."

"Anything we can do to get guns out of the community, is something that is going to make those guns not available to the bad guys," Tory said.

"This is about trying to do everything we can, so no stone is left unturned..." Tory said.

Saunders said police are also approaching the complex issue of gun violence on many fronts, and the buyback is one step in that.

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