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No legal weed shops wanted in Flower City, Brampton councillor says

​No legal weed shops wanted in Flower City, Brampton councillor says

CBC-Toronto  by Muriel Draaisma · Dec 02, 2018

A Brampton councillor has launched a campaign to ban the sale of marijuana in private local stores, saying "The Flower City" doesn't need retail weed shops on every block.

Charmaine Williams, who represents Ward 7 and 8 in Brampton, said she believes there is considerable opposition to the sale of marijuana through bricks-and-mortar stores in Brampton based on what she calls "extensive" feedback from community members.

"I have come to the conclusion that Brampton would be better off without marijuana stores on every corner," she told CBC Toronto on Sunday.

"I know it's not cool to say so, but Brampton is known as the Flower City and we don't need weed in our garden."

On Sunday afternoon, Williams knocked on doors in her wards and offered to place  "Not In Our Neighbourhood" signs on the lawns of residents.

"The families of the doors I've been knocking on are completely against this," she said.

Municipalities can opt-out of having physical cannabis retail stores in their communities, but must say so before Jan. 22, 2019, according to the Cannabis Licence Act 2018.

In the past three months, Williams says she has conducted a poll of constituents in her two wards, held a community consultation meeting on Oct. 29, attended similar meetings in other areas of Peel Region and analyzed funding offers from the province to help municipalities implement recreational cannabis laws.