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Charmaine Williams has been a member of the Bramalea community since 1981.    
As a homeowner and proud mother of five beautiful children, she knows the challenges that Brampton residents face and understands the need to build a better Brampton for all families, seniors and small business owners.
She wants to truly engage residents in decisions at City Hall. She wants to make our streets safer, ensure that families have access to social and recreational services that they need and want, and restore respect for taxpayers. Transit and transportation are also on her radar. Charmaine believes that Brampton needs an integrated transportation plan that encourages a balance of all modes of transportation.
Charmaine’s beliefs, values and courage to advocate for people are shaped by her professional and personal experiences.
Professionally, Charmaine is a certified Multi-Systemic Therapist, behavioural consultant and counsellor. During her 19-year career, Charmaine has been a voice on behalf of families and children of all ages coping with domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, neglect, trauma and other personal challenges.  She has worked in a number of therapeutic programs and organizations like Associated Youth Services of Peel, Youth Substance Abuse Program, Peel Children’s Center and the Reach Out Center for Kids in Peel and the Halton Region.  
Charmaine believes that public service is the art of the possible, and her recent personal experience overcoming a debilitating health issue demonstrated her determination to pursue what is possible. Charmaine pushed through the obstacles to be able to enter public service in 2018, inspired and energized to work for her community.
She and her husband, Steve, live in Ward 7.