2018-2022 Opportunities

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​Brampton is a City of Opportunities

Improving livability and prosperity by focusing on local education and employment opportunities, neighbourhood services and programs, and job investment strategies.


River Walk/Etobicoke Creek Flood Control Project**

Intergovernmental Priority

Design and construction of flood mitigation works to eliminate flooding in Downtown Brampton from Etobicoke Creek during extreme storm events. Project consists of widening and deepening existing Etobicoke Creek, replacing existing bridges with larger structures to allow passage of floodwaters, and providing increased valley storage for floodwaters by relocating an existing roadway (Ken Whillans Drive).


Brampton University*

Intergovernmental Priority

Brampton is one of Canada's fastest-growing and youngest cities and home to world-renowned businesses, looking for skilled workers to fill jobs today, and anticipating needs for the jobs of tomorrow. With a priority to bring a full university to Brampton, the City will work closely with the Province, and local and international partners, to lay out the social and economic benefits of this investment and ensure we can develop and retain homegrown talent.

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Connected Initiatives

  • Revamp the City-Wide Development Design Guidelines to prioritize complete communities, sustainability, and implementation in urban areas.
  • Expand the Sustainable Neighbourhood Action Plan (SNAP) Program to support urban renewal of existing neighbourhoods.
  • Finalize Brampton’s Affordable Housing Strategy.
  • Develop a coordinated Master Plan for Downtown Brampton.
  • Develop a coordinated implementation framework for Uptown Brampton.
  • Create a development and implementation action plan for Integrated Community Facilities.
  • Incorporate co-location requests as a mandatory requirement of the Real Estate Acquisition, Disposal and Leasing Strategy.
  • Establish Community Improvement Plan(s) for each urban and town centre with incentives to increase employment and population density.
  • Leverage post-secondary partnerships to establish an innovation ecosystem in the downtown.
  • Develop a new Official Plan that aligns all master plans with Brampton 2040.
  • Complete a review of the service delivery model of the Planning and Development Services department.
  • Expand the Development Permit System (DPS) to strategic growth areas.
  • Align the investment and entrepreneurial support services provided by the City of Brampton with the objective of creating an innovation ecosystem.

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