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​Brampton is a Mosaic

Celebrating Brampton’s diversity by more effectively engaging and communicating with diverse groups, supporting cultural events, and developing a holistic framework to embed diversity across the city.


Brampton Equity Office*

City Mandated Priority

The City of Brampton is excited to introduce a foundational Equity Office to serve its employees and citizens. Brampton is proud to be home to a very diverse, multicultural population and is committed to creating an environment of equity within the government and community. The Equity Office will work to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all individuals and promote a harmonious environment both inside the City and for its residents.


Connected Initiatives

  • Develop a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Strategic Blueprint to provide a comprehensive action framework to coordinate the City’s approach to embedding DEI into our programs, services and initiatives.
  • Develop and implement the Nurturing Neighbourhoods Program to engage a diverse range of stakeholders in more meaningful ways to identify neighbourhood needs and build capacity to empower our residents.
  • Develop a multi-phase Community Engagement Plan to implement a shared framework and innovative tools for proactively engaging a diverse range of residents and community stakeholders to support evidence-based decision-making.
  • Establish a community-led taskforce to initiate development of an Institute for Brampton Diversity to increase community involvement, animation and profiles of diverse groups and people in all aspects of Brampton life.
  • Implement the Culture Master Plan with a focus on the key themes of supporting success, developing a community of practice and building Brampton’s identity.
  • Utilize and implement elements of universal design strategies in tandem with the City’s Accessibility Technical Standards to ensure all facility renovations and new construction projects identify opportunities to increase accessibility and a sense of belonging for all.
  • Develop and implement the Age Friendly Strategy to improve accessibility, affordability and encourage greater civic participation for people of all ages and abilities.

Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

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