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​Brampton is a Green City

Building on Brampton’s commitment to sustainability by improving transit and active transportation opportunities, focusing on energy efficiency, and revitalizing natural spaces and the urban tree canopy.


Queen Street - Highway 7 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)**

Intergovernmental Priority

Queen Street is the busiest transit corridor in Brampton. Rapid transit is essential to supporting population and employment growth, improving connectivity and providing a competitive travel choice for Brampton residents. The Queen Street BRT study recommends upgrading the existing Züm services on Queen Street to full bus rapid transit with dedicated lanes along the Viva BRT Rapidway from York Region.


Seven Day All-Day/Two-Way GO Train Service**

Intergovernmental Priority

Seven Day All-Day/Two-Way GO Train Service is a Metrolinx led project that will see bidirectional and more frequent GO Train Service operating seven days a week along the Kitchener Rail Line. The City of Brampton will support Metrolinx's efforts to further enhance GO Train service between downtown Toronto and Waterloo Region, ultimately leading to full two-way, all day GO Train Service along the complete corridor.


3rd Transit Facility + Electrification**

Intergovernmental Priority

Brampton Transit needs to meet rapidly growing ridership demands and maintenance needs of a growing fleet. The proposed new Transit facility will account for parking, operating and maintenance requirements and will consider the needs for a sustainable, electric powered bus fleet.


Light Rail Transit Extension Study*

Intergovernmental Priority

The LRT Extension Study is examining and recommending a preferred Main Street alternative to extend light rail transit from Brampton Gateway Terminal to Brampton GO station in Downtown Brampton. Brampton City Council has approved staff recommendations to update the Hurontario-Main LRT environmental assessment study to include three options - the Hurontario-Main LRT approved route, a Main-George one-way loop, and a tunnel - to extend light rail transit from Brampton Gateway Terminal to Brampton GO station in Downtown Brampton.


Active Transportation Action Plan*

City Mandated Priority

Implement the Active Transportation Master Plan (ATMP) with the aim to develop an integrated, attractive, and accessible system of sidewalks, cycling facilities and trails. The ATMP aims to establish a broad and well-connected active transportation network that will make travel by bike and on foot a safe and desirable option for school, work, recreation and other trips while supporting a cycling and walking culture.

Learn more about the ​Brampton Grow Green Environmental Master Plan​


Connected Initiatives

  • Update the Transportation Master Plan to prioritize active transportation and non-auto modes.
  • Advance the work underway to meet ridership demands on Brampton Transit and demand for higher-order transit infrastructure in Brampton (i.e. Queen Street BRT).
  • Improve transit access for seniors in Brampton.
  • Continue the development and implementation of the Development Guidelines and Sustainability Assessment Tool.
  • Expand the Urban Design Awards​ to highlight innovative developments.
  • Establish ongoing monitoring of intensification and greenfield density in Brampton.

Our Vision is the long-term goal for our city.

Learn about the 2040 Vision

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