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​Brampton is a Green City

Building on Brampton’s commitment to sustainability by improving transit and active transportation opportunities, focusing on energy efficiency, and revitalizing natural spaces and the urban tree canopy.

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  • Update the Transportation Master Plan to prioritize active transportation and non-auto modes.
  • Advance the work underway to meet ridership demands on Brampton Transit and demand for higher-order transit infrastructure in Brampton (i.e. Queen Street BRT).
  • Improve transit access for seniors in Brampton.
  • Implement the Natural Heritage Restoration Program to integrate and enhance natural heritage within our communities.
  • Coordinate with Regional and Provincial governments on efforts to address climate change.
  • Promote community events and outreach programs such as Adopt-a-Park, Community Gardens, Community Tree Planting, and Environmental Stewardship Education programs to give residents opportunities for hands-on community improvement.
  • Continue the development and implementation of the Development Guidelines and Sustainability Assessment Tool.
  • Expand the Urban Design Awards to highlight innovative developments.
  • Establish ongoing monitoring of intensification and greenfield density in Brampton.
  • Develop a Community Energy and Emissions Reduction Plan to improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, ensure energy security, create economic advantage, and increase resilience to climate change.
  • Implement environmental and energy efficiency standards across City facilities.

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We’re making sure public transit remains the better way to travel.

Energy Efficiency

An innovative, carbonless and fiscally responsible future for Brampton.

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