Vehicle-for-Hire Advisory Committee

Note:  The re-establishment of this citizen-based advisory committee is pending further consideration by City Council for the 2022-2026 term of Council.
Composition:         15 representatives and citizens, including:
Eight (8) Taxicab industry representatives:
·       Two (2) taxicab plate owners (as defined in the Mobile Licensing By-law) and who are not taxicab brokers
·       Four (4) taxicab drivers (as defined in the Mobile Licensing Bylaw) and who are not plate owners
·       Two (2) taxicab brokers (as defined in the Mobile Licensing Bylaw) to be appointed by City Council on recommendation by the licensed taxicab brokers
Two (2) Limousine plate owners (as defined in the Mobile Licensing By-law)
Two (2) private transportation company (PTC) representatives
Two (2) citizen appointments who do not work in the taxicab industry
One (1) Accessibility Advisory Committee member (or alternate from the Committee)
Term of Office:      Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2022, or until successors are appointed
Established by:     Council Resolution C271-2019 (July 10, 2019)
Meetings:               Semi-annually, at City Hall, or more frequently as may be determined by the committee or at the call of the Chair
Reports to:            Committee of Council
Supported by:        City Clerk’s Office (meeting management) and Enforcement and By-law Services, Corporate Services Department (subject matter expertise)
Honorarium:          Volunteer
Mandate:               To provide a forum for the various interests of Brampton's vehicle-for-hire industry to discuss with City Officials current and emerging issues, opportunities and proposed solutions affecting the larger industry and public interests.
The Committee may consider matters within the following areas of
interest or such other area as Council may determine from time to
·       Taxicab industry matters
·       Private transportation company (PTC) matters
·       Limousine service matters
·       Accessibility
·       Public Vehicle Licensing
·       Driver Safety
·       Vehicle Standards
·       Taxi Stands
·       Owner/Operators working relationships
·       Licensing Requirements
·       Customer Relations

Current Members (2018-2022 term):

Taxicab Industry Representatives:

     Plate Owners:
         Narinder Pandher
         Mahesh Malhi
         Zafar Tariq   
         Jaswant Uppal
    Sudhir Kalia 
         Sudagar Singh Nijjar
         (two vacancies) 
    Milton Bhangoo 
    Makhan Dhother​
Limousine Plate Owner Representatives:  
     ​(two vacancies)

Private Transportation Company Representatives: 
(two vacancies)
Citizen Representatives: 
Hari Rawul 
Joan John 
Mandeep Dhaliwal 
Kunal Shrotriya
Accessibility Advisory Committee Representative: 
Franco Spadafora

Council Representatives
     Regional Councillor G. Dhillon 
     Regional Councillor P. Fortini

 Orientation e-Manual​

 ​Contact Information:
   Sonya Pacheco, Legislative Coordinator