Environment Advisory Committee


To assist and advise Council on: i) environmental planning policy and sustainability initiatives of strategic importance, ii) management practices of the City's infrastructure and lands, iii) integration of environmental sustainability considerations , and iv) research conducted into environmental and sustainability practices. 



To provide advice to City Council on environmental planning policy and sustainability matters to promote the protection, enhancement and management of the City's natural and built environment.



12-14 citizen members
One Member of Council


Current Members:
David Laing (Co-Chair)
Shintu Cherian Manathara (Co-Chair)
Trevor Boston
Douglas Foster
Rosemary Keenan
Krista Kumar
Ian McGillvray
Davika Misir
Filiz Ozmisir
Roopinder Sandhu
Joshua Teves
Laila Zarrabi Yan
City Councillor Doug Whillans (2017-2018)


Term of Office:

Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 30, 2018, or until successors are appointed


Established By:
Council Resolution C325-2014





Reports to:

Planning & Development Committee


Supported by:

City Clerk's Office



- Volunteer
- Reimbursement for any expenses incurred
- Mileage is paid at the City of Brampton corporate rate when

  the members are required to travel on Committee business


Contact Information

Shauna Danton, Legislative Co-ordinator

Telephone: 905-874-2116

Email: cityclerksoffice@brampton.ca