Environment Advisory Committee

2022-2026 Term of Council

Composition:  At least twelve and up to fifteen (12-15) members, one (1) of which will be a Member of City Council and twelve to fourteen (12-14) citizens that are representatives of Brampton’s community.

Term of Office:  Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2026, or until successors are appointed.

Established by:  Council Resolution C374-2022.

Meetings:  Every other month, or at the call of the Chair.

Reports to:  Committee of Council.

Supported by:  City Clerk's Office (meeting management) and Environment and Engineering Services Division (subject matter expertise).

Purpose of Committee:
The Committee will assist, educate, and engage the community to advance the goals and actions of the City’s Grow Green Environmental Master Plan (EMP). The Committee will advise City Council on environmental planning policy and sustainability matters to promote the protection, enhancement, and management of the City’s natural and built environment.


Committee Responsibilities:

The Committee will act as the City’s liaison/forum on environmental issues. The Committee will collaborate with other internal and external advisory committees and environmental partners and agencies to achieve the City’s environmental mandate and goals.

The Committee will be primarily responsible for the following, in consultation with City staff:
i. Identifying opportunities for community engagement;
ii. Reviewing and distributing communication materials to educate residents, businesses, institutions, and community groups on environment sustainability;
iii. Coordinating and hosting community events; and
iv. Preparing annual reports to Council.

The secondary responsibility of the Committee is assisting and advising Council on:
i. Matters related to environmental policy and programs;
ii. Management practices of the City’s facilities, infrastructure, and lands; and
iii. Research conducted into environmental and sustainability practices to improve the information available to the City and City Council.

Committee Scope of Work:

The primary scope of work for the Committee is to undertake the following, in consultation with City staff:
i. Identify, coordinate, and implement community outreach and engagement activities that raise environmental awareness;
ii. Coordinate and host environmental sustainability events; 
iii. Build and maintain meaningful and effective relationships with community organizations; and​
iv. Attend and represent the City of Brampton at meetings and events to promote environmental awareness and educate the community.

The secondary scope of work for the Committee is to undertake the following, in consultation with City staff:
i. Provide input into policy and programs at the request of Council and City staff;
ii. Conduct research to help inform environmental programs, outreach campaigns, by-laws, etc. that support the Grow Green Environmental Master Plan;
iii. Participate in strategic planning policy studies that relate to environmental sustainability; and
iv. Present to Council regarding environmental matters.

Note: It is not intended that the Committee participate in the technical review of or comment on individual development proposals or infrastructure projects. These functions are undertaken by technical staff of the relevant approval and commenting authorities including City of Brampton, Region of Peel, Conservation Authorities, and Provincial Ministries.

Member Responsibilities:

Committee members will be responsible for:
i. Being adaptable to meet the changing needs of the portfolio;
ii. Preparing for meetings by reading agendas, minutes, reports and other documentation required to actively participate and contribute in them;
iii. Making inquiries when clarification or more information is needed;
iv. Maintaining an understanding of environmental issues and trends in Brampton;
v. Identifying opportunities to maximize public outreach and engagement;
vi. Keeping an open line of contact with the Committee throughout the year and contribute thoughts, ideas, and feedback as they arise;
vii. Working collaboratively with all Committee members to ensure successful outcomes at all events;
viii. Sitting on at least one (1) Subcommittee;
ix. Being involved in Committee activities for approximately ten (10) hours per month, which may include evenings and weekends;
x. Attending at least three (3) events within the City per year, which may occur during evenings and weekends; and
xi. Upholding the City’s Code of Conduct.


Member Qualifications:

Members shall possess:​
i. An understanding of environmental sustainability issues in Brampton;
ii. A demonstrated commitment to improve environmental sustainability in Brampton;
iii. An active participation in the coordination and/or delivery of outreach initiatives;
iv. Relationships with community organizations;
v. Proven organizational skills;
vi. Broad volunteer experience; and
vii. Ability to be involved in activities and events during evenings or weekends.


As a committee of Council, meetings will be held in accordance with the City’s Procedural By-Law.


The Committee shall meet a minimum six (6) times per year, pending the development of Subcommittees.

The Committee shall be led by Co-Chairs selected annually, with the intention to provide members with organizational experience and leadership skills.

Standing Subcommittees:

The Committee will establish the following standing Subcommittees:
i. Engagement Subcommittee; and
ii. Events Subcommittee.

The Committee shall prepare Terms of Reference for the standing Subcommittees. A standing Subcommittee must include at least two (2) Committee members and may include volunteers who are not on the Committee. Members of the standing Subcommittee will elect a Subcommittee Chair or Co-Chairs in accordance with the City’s Procedural By-Law. The standing Subcommittees will hold meetings in accordance with the City’s Procedural By-Law, and record minutes that will be submitted to the Committee.

Ad Hoc Subcommittees:
The Committee may establish ad hoc Subcommittees for specific purposes and tasks related to strategic environmental planning or sustainability initiatives.

An ad hoc Subcommittee must include at least two (2) Committee members and may include volunteers who are not on the Committee.


The ad hoc Subcommittees will hold meetings in accordance with the City’s Procedural By-Law, and record minutes that will be submitted to the Committee.


The Ad Hoc Subcommittee will be dissolved upon completion of its identified task.

Support Services to the Committee:

The Director of Environment and Development Engineering or designate shall serve as staff liaison to the Committee. The liaison shall provide administrative and technical support to the Committee.


City Council will provide a budget to cover the operational expenses of the Committee, which will be administered by the Environment and Development Engineering Division.

The City Clerk’s Office will provide meeting management support.


Work Plans and Reports:
At the beginning of each Term of Council, the Committee members will prepare a Term of Council Implementation Plan for Council approval.

The Committee members shall prepare an annual Work Plan within the context of the Term of Council Implementation Plan. The annual Work Plan will include an estimate of the resources necessary to undertake initiatives and actions that will help achieve it. Environment and Development Engineering Services will review the Work Plan to determine opportunities to coordinate with other environmental initiatives in the City, and to avoid duplication of municipal and volunteer resources. The annual Work Plan will be approved by Council.

The Committee will prepare an annual summary of activities completed in the previous year and submit to City staff for review.


- Volunteer
- Reimbursement for any expenses incurred

- Mileage is paid at the City of Brampton corporate rate when​ the members are required to travel on Committee business


Current Members (2022-2026 term):
​Sukran Balaban
Brajgeet Bhathal
Pushproop Brar
Charles Coimbra
Subhash Chander Duggal
Neil Fairhead
Hardik Mankad
Shailly Prajapati
Sherry-Ann Ram
Sandra Roppa
Raman Vasudev
Regional Councillor Gurpartap Singh Toor (Council Liaison)

 Orientation e-Manual​


Contact Information

Sonya Pacheco, Legislative Co-ordinator

Telephone: 905-874-2178

Email: cityclerksoffice@brampton.ca