Cycling Advisory Committee

Note:  The re-establishment of this citizen-based advisory committee is pending further consideration by City Council for the 2022-2026 term of Council.
The Cycling Advisory Committee will consist of no less than eight and no more than twelve citizen members and one Member of Council. When appointing citizen members, each quadrant of the City will be represented by at least two members residing in their respective quadrant. 
The four City quadrants are defined as:
• Northeast of Highway 410 and Queen Street East;
• Southeast of Highway 410 and Queen Street East;
• Southwest of Highway 410 and Queen Street East; and,
• Northwest of Highway 410 and Queen Street East.
The Council representative on the committee will be a voting member but not be required for quorum.  Quorum will be achieved with a majority of members.
Term of Office: 
Concurrent with the term of Council, ending November 14, 2022, or until successors are appointed.
Established by: 
Resolution C020-2018 (Recommendations PDC008-2017, CYC071-2017)
Resolution C197-2014 (Recommendation CW260-2014)
Third Tuesday on a bi-monthly basis at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall as per Council Resolution C284-2019.
Reports to: 
Planning & Development Committee.
Supported by: 
City Clerk’s Office (meeting management) and Planning and Development Services Department - Active Transportation Coordinator (subject matter expertise).
Committee Structure/Responsibilities:
Provide input and advice to City staff and to Council regarding the development and maintenance of a safe and connected cycling network within the City of Brampton and to neighbouring municipalities as part of an integrated multi-modal transportation system, and developing a culture in Brampton where cycling is a desirable activity and mode choice for both recreational and utilitarian purposes.
Assist staff with the development, implementation, and monitoring of the Active Transportation Master Plan.

Review legislation and polices relating to cycling and advocate to City Council and other legislative bodies for cycling-supportive legislation and policies.
Represent the broad interests of the Brampton cycling community and facilitate opportunities for additional community input.

Promote all forms of cycling activities within Brampton through campaigns, community rides and events.

Liaise with other community, advocacy, groups to effectively utilize resources and share information relating to cycling in Brampton:
o Brampton Environment Advisory Committee
o Brampton School Traffic Safety Council
o Age-Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee
o Peel Safe and Active Routes to School Committee
o GHTA Active and Sustainable School Transportation Regional Hub
o Joint Committee of Cycling Advisory Committees of Western Lake Ontario
o Cycling Committees and/or staff from surrounding municipalities
o Peel Regional Police
o Brampton Transit
o Other cycling advocacy agencies and professional organizations (OTC, Share the Road Coalition, etc.)
Work collaboratively with City staff to develop an achievable annual work plan that reflects the committee’s objectives, and that is consistent with the City’s Strategic Plan, applicable master plans, and budgetary capacity.
Supported by: 
The Committee will be supported by staff from the Transportation Planning division (Planning and Development Services Department) and by staff from other City departments, as warranted. These include, but are not limited to the following:
o Corporate Services (Enforcement and By-law Services)
o Community Services (Recreation)
o Economic Development & Culture
o Fire & Emergency Services
o Public Works (Parks Engineering Maintenance and Forestry; Road Maintenance, Operations and Fleet)
o Planning and Development Services (Policy Planning; Urban Design)
o Brampton Transit

Agency representatives may be involved in the development or implementation of cycling initiatives, and will attend as warranted. Such agencies include, but are not limited to the following:
o Peel Regional Police
o Region of Peel - Public Works Department
o Peel District School Board
o Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board
o Smart Commute Brampton-Caledon
o Sheridan College Brampton Campus
Current Members (2018-2022 term):
Leslie Benfield
Laura Bowman
Kathy Cecchetto
Rani Gill
Alina Grzejszczak
Stephen Laidlaw
Dayle Laing
Barry Lavallee
Eric Lister
Patrick McLeavey
Kevin Montgomery
Lisa Stokes
Pauline Thornham

Regional Councillor Rowena Santos

​ ​​​