Brampton Transit Advisory Committee

Note:  The re-establishment of this citizen-based advisory committee is pending further consideration by City Council for the 2022-2026 term of Council.
Composition:    The Transit Advisory Committee is a Committee of Council and shall be comprised of the following twelve (12) members, as appointed by City Council through the City Clerk’s office:
·       Councillors (2 total)
·       One Resident from each of the following pairs of Wards representing the Community-at-large (5 total)
o   Wards 1 and 5
o   Wards 2 and 6
o   Wards 3 and 4
o   Wards 7 and 8
o   Wards 9 and 10
·       One representative from each of the following citizen-based advisory committees (3 total)
o   Accessibility
o   Age-Friendly Brampton
o   Active Transportation
·       One representative from the Brampton Board of Trade (1 total)
·       One representative from any post secondary institution with preference given to student union at Sheridan College (1 total)
Term of Office:    The two Council representatives on the Committee, as well as the three representatives from other citizen-based advisory committees, will serve four-year terms concurrent with the term of Council.
The five Community-at-large representatives will serve 4 calendar-year terms starting on the 1 of January and ending on the 31 of December. Residents representing the Community-at large will be recruited through the Councillor Citizen Appointments Committee.
The Chair and the Vice-Chair shall be a member of the Committee. The BTAC members will select a chair and a vice-chair.
Established by:   Council Resolution C090-2019 (Committee of Council Recommendation CW126-2019, March 20, 2019), as adopted at the March 27, 2019 City Council meeting. Resolution C434-2019 appointed Councillors Vicente and Palelleschi as co-Chairs.
Reports to:          Community Services Section, Committee of Council
Supported by:     Meeting management support will be provided by the City Clerk’s Office, in accordance with Council’s Procedure By-law.
Subject matter expertise for the Committee will be provided by staff resources, subject to budget approval.
Committee Structure/Responsibilities:
The Brampton Transit Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to Council, from a community perspective, on topics and issues relating to the provision of public transit services and public transit infrastructure in the City of Brampton. The Committee also provides Brampton Transit staff with ongoing insights and advice with respect to enhancing the customer experience onboard Brampton Transit vehicles, at Brampton Transit facilities, and during interactions with frontline transit staff. The Committee would not have the authority to regulate or direct Brampton Transit, nor would it be responsible for matters related to the daily operations of Brampton Transit.
The Transit Advisory Committee will provide advice and recommendations to Council on:
·       Alignment between Council and staff on high-level City of Brampton plans and studies
with respect to the City’s policies and objectives on transit matters
·       Plans, studies, or initiatives of other levels of government, surrounding municipalities,
and other local authorities, industry organizations, or non-governmental organizations
that could affect the provision of public transit in the City of Brampton
·       Implementation of Provincial and Federal legislation, policies, or guidelines in relations
to the provision of public transit in the City of Brampton
·       Priorities on transit matters of local and/or regional significance
The Transit Advisory Committee will:
·       Act as a sounding board to Brampton Transit staff
·       Serve as a forum that promotes dialogue and information exchange between Brampton Transit staff and the Transit Advisory Committee
  • Review and comment on Provincial and Federal policies/planning documents, as well as high-level municipal plans and studies, with respect to the provision of public transit services
  • Conduct research and prepare reports on matters within the committee’s mandate
The subject matters that fall under the mandate of the BTAC will include:
  • Provincial and Federal policies, plans, and studies
  • High-level municipal policies, plans, and studies (e.g. Brampton Transit 5-Year Business Plan)
  • Brampton Transit Performance Indicators and Customer Charter commitments
  • Transit policies and guidelines
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Customer service
  • Customer safety
  • Customer communication
  • Major transit infrastructure projects
  • Advocacy and public awareness of the City’s policy objectives and priorities with respect to transit matters in Brampton
Scheduled meetings will be held three times per year (Q1, Q2, Q4), or at the call of the Chair, and scheduled by the City Clerk in consultation with the Chair and the Committee.
Non-Voting Resource Group and Subject Matter Experts:
Representation from the following (but not limited to) departments, organizations and groups will be invited to attend and participate in the Transit Advisory Committee meetings, when necessary:
1.  City of Brampton Commissioners and Departments:
i.   Planning and Development Services
ii.   Brampton Transit
iii.  Public Works and Engineering
iv.  Government Relations
2.  Region of Peel Departments
i.   Public Works
ii.   Corporate Services (Planning)
3.  Provincial Ministries and Agencies:
i.   Metrolinx
ii.   Ministry of Transportation
4.  Other external subject matter experts
Current Members (2018-2022 term):
  • Rafiqul Islam (Wards 1 and 5)
  • Sarbjeet Sani (Wards 2 and 6)
  • Sylvia Menezes Roberts (Wards 3 and 4)
  • Akinade Oduntan (Wards 7 and 8)
  • Ameek Singh (Wards 9 and 10);
  • ​Myrna Adams, Representative, Age-Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee
  • Todd Letts, Representative, Brampton Board of Trade
  • Kevin Montgomery, Representative, Cycling Advisory Committee 
  • Franco Spadafora, Representative, Accessibility Advisory Committee
 Regional Councillor Vicente 
 Regional Councillor Palleschi