Age-Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee

Note:  The re-establishment of this citizen-based advisory committee is pending further consideration by City Council for the 2022-2026 term of Council.

The Age Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee (AFBAC) is a Citizen’s Advisory Committee of Council reporting through the Planning & Development Services Committee.

A copy of the Council-approved staff report and terms of reference is found here​.


1.1 The Advisory Committee shall consist of 19 voting members:

Two (2) members of Council

One (1) member of the Inclusion and Equity Committee

One (1) member from Transportation Planning

One (1) member from Parks and facility planning

One (1) member from the Region of Peel Housing

One (1) member from Peel Public Health

Six (6) Citizen representatives to be selected in accordance with the City of Brampton’s Appointment Procedure for advisory committees

  • Three (3) who are older adults (55+)
  • Three (3) who are aged 15-24

Three (3) stakeholder representatives from any Seniors Advocacy Groups such as the following organizations or other relevant agencies:

  • Brampton’s Seniors Council
  • United Way of Peel 
  • Peel Elder Abuse Prevention Network
  • Sheridan College Centre for Elder Research or other post-secondary institution with representation from a program specializing in gerontology or other relevant field of study

Three (3) stakeholder representatives from any Youth Advocacy Groups such as the following organizations or other relevant agencies:

  • ​Sheridan Student Union
  • Brampton Multicultural Youth Council

1.2   The Committee will engage non-voting resources that will serve in an advisory capacity and shall include the following:

i) The Director of Land Use Policy Planning or designate shall serve as staff liaison to the Age Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee. The liaison shall provide administrative and technical support to the AFBAC.

ii) Staff support from various City departments as required (i.e. Recreation and Culture)

iii) Representatives from various community organizations and agencies as required, such as the Region of Peel.

iv) The City Clerk’s Office shall provide meeting management support, and communication and graphic support shall be provided by Strategic Communications.

1.3 Members shall be appointed for a period to coincide with the term of City Council.

1.4 The Committee shall be led by a Chair or two Co-Chairs which will be elected by the Committee annually, or when a co-chair position becomes vacant.

1.5 Committee members may be required to serve on sub-committees.

1.6 Members shall expect to be involved in committee activities for approximately ten (10) hours per month, and which may include evenings and weekends.


The purpose of the Age Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee is to advise City Council on matters related to the achievement of an age friendly City, including the following focus areas:

· Outdoor spaces and buildings

· Transportation · Housing

· Social Participation

· Respect and social inclusion

· Civic participation and employment

· Communication and information, and

· Community support and health services


The Age Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee is a citizen-appointed Committee of Council responsible for the development and implementation of an Age Friendly City Strategy. The term of the Committee shall coincide with the term of Council.

Guiding Principles:

The following are the guiding principles which guide the activities and engagement of the Committee:

Developing Strong Communities – recognizes the connection between health and well-being with the built and natural environment, public spaces, transportation, housing, and social climate, and recreational programming.

Accountability – transparency in the development and implementation of an age friendly strategy that includes effective means of communication between the Committee, Subcommittee, Council and the public.

Respect and Inclusion – recognizes that all citizens are vital members of the community and responds to the needs of all citizens in a fair and equitable way, ensuring access to life supports and community resources.

Community Engagement in Decision Making – actively and intentionally includes older adults in all aspects of decision making.

Scope of Activities

5.1 The Age Friendly Advisory Committee will act as the City’s liaison for residents, local community groups and non-government organizations on age-friendly issues.

5.2 The Age Friendly Advisory Committee will collaborate with other internal and external agencies to achieve the City’s age friendly mandate and goals.

5.3 Age Friendly matters may be deferred to the Committee from the Planning and Development Services Department, City Council, or the Planning and Development Services Committee, as appropriate.

5.4 The Committee will provide advice and research on the state of Brampton’s age friendliness, in cooperation with other organizations where appropriate.


6.1 Meetings will be held in accordance with the City’s Procedure By-law. A majority (50% plus 1) of all members shall constitute a quorum for Committee meetings. Committee quorum does not require a Council Member in attendance.

6.2 The co-chairs shall establish a regular committee meeting schedule. Meetings will occur a minimum of 6 times annually, pending the development of sub-committees.

6.3 AFBAC shall establish subcommittees for specific purposes including but not limited to; responding to Age Friendly Brampton initiatives, organizing BAFsponsored community events, and supporting City organized events.

6.4 Meetings shall be scheduled based on majority vote by AFBAC members.

Work Plan and Annual Report:

7.1 The AFBAC members shall contribute to a two-year work plan that shall include the development and/or implementation of an age-friendly strategy for the City that incorporates initiatives and actions that will help to achieve the age friendly priorities of the City. Work plans shall be approved by Council and shall be reviewed by the Committee on an annual basis.

7.2 Upon completion of an Age Friendly Strategy, the Committee shall contribute to the establishment of monitoring and evaluation techniques to assess how the objectives and goals of the Strategy are being implemented. Monitoring shall occur for a minimum of two years after completion of the Age Friendly Strategy.

7.3 The AFBAC shall prepare an annual summary of activities to be submitted to City staff for review that summarizes the activities completed in the previous year. The annual report shall be forwarded to the Planning & Development Committee for consideration.

Decision Making:

The Committee will report to Council through the Planning & Development Committee, including a record of all meeting minutes. Decisions will be made based on majority vote. Every committee recommendation to Council, unless such authority is delegated by Council or provided for through legislative authority, shall be in the form of advice and opinion without the commitment of City funds, resources or assets, unless a Standing Committee recommends or Council approves otherwise.


9.1 The development of subcommittees may be required to assist with the objectives of an Age Friendly City, and should generally align with the World Health Organization’s eight domains of an age friendly City which include:

· Outdoor spaces and buildings

· Transportation · Housing

· Social Participation

· Respect and social inclusion

· Civic participation and employment

· Communication and information, and

· Community support and health services

9.2 AFBAC subcommittees shall hold meetings in a less formal manner, and will not be supported by the City Clerk’s Office. Agendas and meeting notes will be responsibility of the sub-committee Chair or Co-Chairs.

9.3 Subcommittee members may be members of the public or stakeholders having a vested interest in matters pertaining to older adults. One subcommittee member must be a member of the AFBAC.

9.4 AFBAC shall prepare terms of references for subcommittees to be approved by Council.

9.5 Members of a subcommittee will elect a Subcommittee Chair or Co-Chairs who will be responsible to: i) Chair subcommittee meetings; ii) Shall lead discussions and seek recommendations that fall within topics delegated to the Subcommittee; and, iii) Shall report to AGPAC the discussions and recommendations of the Subcommittee.

9.6 The Subcommittee will be dissolved upon completion of its identified task.

Current Members (2018-2022 term):
ad Ali
Tony Brookes
Milagros Caballes
Ron Feniak
Frank Lodhar
Umar Javed
Angela Johnson
Sushil Ninawat
Bob Pesant
Elizabeth Pike
Sonya Singh
City Councillor Jeff Bowman
City Councillor Doug Whillans
City Councillor Charmaine Williams