It's Your City, Get Involved!

Our job is to make sure residents have the opportunity to use their experience and expertise to help shape Brampton’s future. There are lots of ways you can have an impact on major decisions made at City Hall.

Office of Community Engagement events

The OCE website will list upcoming events we host.

Ongoing Opportunities

Public meetings

Public meetings let you give feedback about important issues in your community. For a list of upcoming events held by the Mayor, Councillors, or City Staff from other departments, click here.

Citizen Advisory Committees

When there are vacant positions on Citizen Advisory Committees to be filled by Council appointments, the City Clerk will publish a public notice inviting applications.


For more information about Citizen Advisory Committees, click here.

Council and Committee meetings

Council and its committee meetings are open to the public. Everyone is welcome to attend, and you don't need to register in advance. 


Public Question Period
There is a 15 minute Public Question Period at the end of every Council and Committee meeting. During this time, anyone attending the meeting can ask about decisions and recommendations made during the meeting. A Member of Council or staff will immediately answer your question, or, if necessary, will provide you with information after the meeting.

Delegtations at Council Meetings 
To request permission to speak at a meeting, submit a delegation form to the Clerk’s Office
Once you receive permission, the City Clerk will schedule a date for you to speak at a committee meeting. At these committee meetings, the committee hears from the public, asks questions, receives advice from staff and experts, discusses issues, and develops recommendations for approval at a regular Council meeting.

How to Stay Informed

  • Check the OCE website – after every engagement event we host, we’ll publish an online report about the feedback we received and how it will be used
  • City news releases and publications are available here