Budget 2016 Telephone Town Halls

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Mayor Jeffrey, Councillor Moore, and Councillor Gibson participated in a Budget 2016 Telephone Town Hall on September 24, 2015.

In September and October 2015, the City held five Telephone Town Hall meetings. More than 13,000 Bramptonians participated in the Telephone Town Halls, which were a key part of the City’s Let’s Connect Budget 2016 community engagement process.
Along with the Let’s Connect Budget 2015 process that just concluded in April 2015, more than 32,000 Brampton residents have provided feedback on the City’s budgets this calendar year- an unprecedented response rate unlike what the City has ever seen.
The Budget 2016 Telephone Town Halls gave the Mayor and Councillors a chance to speak directly with a large number of residents about their budget-related questions, and to discuss their priorities for how the City can invest in building a better future. Participants had the chance to ask questions live on air, and answer polling questions, such as:
What’s most important for the City’s future?
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During the Tele Town Halls, the key messages we heard from residents were:
  • Desire for transit improvements
    • Interest in more rapid transit options
    • Better connectivity to Regional transit services
    • Ensure transit is accessible and affordable
  • Provide high quality City services 
    • Snow removal, recreation centre programs, by-law enforcement, and services for seniors are key concerns
  • Focus on attracting jobs
The convenience of the Telephone Town Halls has made them a success, and those polled preferred them at a rate of 63% above all other communication methods.
What’s the best way for Council to engage you in the future?

The excellent feedback we received from the public during these Telephone Town Halls will inform Council as they make their decisions about Budget and beyond.
We thank those who participated in these lively, informative discussions, and look forward to connecting with you in the future.