Arts and Culture Panel

Arts and culture plays an important role in any world-class city's economic prosperity and social vitality. The Arts and Culture Panel was established to provide recommendations to Brampton City Council on the role of the municipality in arts and culture and to make recommendations for the development of Brampton’s first Cultural Master Plan.

The Panel delivered the following recommendations to Council in May 2017:

  1. That the City assume the role of a facilitator, partner and promoter for Brampton’s cultural community.
  2. That the City move forward with the development of the Cultural Master Plan, ensuring broad stakeholder, community and key staff representation in the planning process.
  3. That the outcomes of the Panel’s work, including research and benchmarking, be made available as public resources at the outset of the Cultural Master Plan process.  
  4. That the City’s existing Community Grant Program be reviewed to streamline process for applicants and support a robust range of artistic and cultural activities.
  5. That the City continue to engage formally with the cultural community on a quarterly or bi-annual basis.

With the delivery of these recommendations to Council, it is recognized that the Panel has achieved their mandate. The Panel is thanked for their hard work and formally acknowledged for their contributions to this initiative.

Next Steps:

The City will be launching work on the Cultural Master Plan in fall 2017, with anticipated completion in spring 2018. ​​​​​