Accessibility for the Future

The City of Brampton is actively developing innovative approaches to address accessibility issues. Great strides have been made to reduce and remove existing barriers and to make sure no new barriers are created.

Brampton City Council has confirmed its continued and ongoing commitment to ensure people of all ages and abilities enjoy the same opportunities.

Ongoing priorities include:
  1. Procurement and acquisition of accessible goods, services and facilities
  2. Design and implementation of accessible self-service kiosks
  3. Implementation of staff training modules related to accessibility
  4. Regular review and update of accessibility policies and procedures
  5. Develop and enhance accessibility information on the City’s website
  6. Develop a strategy and supporting design standards to address accessibility and inclusion for City play spaces
  7. Develop and implement a process to ensure web content is WCAG 2.0 compliant
  8. To continue to incorporate the City’s Accessibility Technical Standards for bus stops and shelters

For detailed information regarding these priorities, please refer to the 2019-2025 Municipal Accessibility Plan​.