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As part of the planning for Queen Street Bus Rapid Transit, a number of options will be evaluated to determine how rapid transit can be implemented on Queen Street. This includes repurposing two existing lanes for transit use, adding two transit-only lanes, and/or expanding the Queen Street property limits to create a Complete Street for everyone – pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers.

Please review the boards from our June 2018 Public Information Centre events and provide your feedback below.

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What do you think about having two existing traffic lanes converted into transit-only lanes, while keeping the width of the roadway more or less the same as today?
What do you think about keeping the same number of traffic lanes as today, but widening the roadway to build transit-only lanes?
What do you think about transit-only lanes in the centre of Queen Street?
What do you think about transit-only lanes along the curb-side of Queen Street?
What do you think about transit-only lanes on one side of Queen Street (either all on the north side or all on the south side)?
What is important to you when evaluating alternative street design options? i.e. travel time, cost, environmental impacts etc.
Please use this space to share any other comments with the project team.
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