OPPI Excellence in Planning Awards 2010

Approved by City Council on February 23rd, 2010, the Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan will guide the sustainable development of this Greenfield community that will soon be home to over 40,000 people. The Mount Pleasant Community is 875ha of land located within the North West Brampton Urban Development Area and features 147ha of restored Natural Heritage System Lands that will protect and enhance existing and restored natural features, woodlots, corridors, watercourses and wetlands, increasing natural cover from the existing 6% to 17%. This transit-oriented community is adjacent to the Mount Pleasant Village Mobility Hub centred around the GO Transit Station, providing both communities regional and local higher order transit service. Mixed use, higher density development is to be provided at transit nodes along a Transit Spine Road providing convenient pedestrian access to transit services and local amenities.

Mixed Use Node at Sandalwood Parkway

The Plan also includes provisions for conservation of heritage resources; a hierarchy of parks and retail and commercial designations; strategically placed schools and places of worship; and gateways, networks of trails and pathways connecting the community with existing and future communities, all with a high level of urban design and compliance with the principles of the Provincial Growth Plan. Innovative policies, implementation tools and processes have been established that includes commitments at the Federal, Provincial, and municipal level as well as landowners and approval agencies to provide for the early provision of the necessary infrastructure to bring this plan into a reality.

City of Brampton's Planning, Design and Development Department submitted the Mount Pleasant Secondary Plan for the OPPI Excellence in Planning Awards under the category of Planning Studies/Reports on April 15th 2010.