Secondary Plan Review

​The City of Brampton is currently undertaking a secondary plan review.

While some areas of Brampton are still developing, others are now built up and not expected to experience major change. Many of these secondary plans date ba​ck to the mid-1970s and have become outdated as communities develop. Some of them also reference old versions of the Official Plan, which leads to policies being interpreted inconsistently.

The plans for these older areas are the ones being reviewed. The secondary plan review won’t look at new development areas. It also won’t identify new areas for intensification or change existing density targets.

A Statutory Public Meeting to present the draft Official Plan Amendments was held on March 5, 2018. For a copy of the staff report, please click here​.

A Recommendation Report containing five City-Initiated Official Plan Amendments (OPAs) that implement the proposed new secondary plan areas within the built-up area of the City was presented to Planning Committee on June 25, 2018. For a copy of the staff report and OPAs, click here​.

When the Secondary Plan Review was initiated, the City of Brampton had 54 designated secondary plans areas​. Through the first phase of the secondary plan review, 18 of the former secondary plans were consolidated into 5 new secondary plan areas that were adopted on September 12, 2018.

Those 5 new secondary plans are now in full force and effect. Schedule G​ of the Official Plan has been updated to reflect the boundaries of the new secondary plan areas.

For the list of all secondary plans, click here​.

The 5 new secondary plans are:

Snelgrove-Heart Lake Secondary Plan Area 1
(applies to lands that were subject to former secondary plans Snelgrove Area 1, Sandalwood Industrial East Area 2, Heart Lake West Area 3 and Heart Lake East Area 4)

Springdale Secondary Plan Area 2
(applies to lands that were subject to former secondary plans Sandringham-Wellington Area 28, the residential portion of Bramalea North Industrial Area 13, and the residential portion of Gore Industrial North Area 14)

Bramalea Secondary Plan Area 3
(applies to lands that were subject to former secondary plans Westgate Area 10, Central Park Area 11, Northgate Area 12, Avondale Area 20, and Southgate Area 21)

Highway 410 and Steeles Avenue Area 5
(applies to lands that were subject to former secondary plans Brampton East Industrial Area 18, Bramalea West Industrial Area 19, and Steeles Industrial Area 25)

Brampton Flowertown Secondary Plan Area 6
(applies to lands that were subject to former secondary plans Northwood Park Area 5, Brampton West Area 6, Brampton North Area 8, Madoc Area 9, Fletchers West Area 15, Brampton South Area 16, except as it applies to lands municipally known as 30 McLaughlin Road South, and Block 42 of Registered Plan 43M-1627, and Brampton East Area 17)

The draft Official Plan Amendment for the Airport Intermodal Secondary Plan Area 4 that was presented at the public meeting in March 2018 will be revised and presented at a new Statutory Public Meeting on April 12, 2021.

Information Report

What's Involved

  • Combining smaller secondary plans into larger areas that reflect their geography, land uses and community characteristics.
  • Updating mapping to include current information on roads, property boundaries, schools, parks, etc.
  • Eliminating duplication of policies already existing in the Official Plan. General policies such as Transportation and Urban Design have been deleted.
  • Whenever possible, replacing Special Policy Areas with a parent land use designation. Special Policy Areas that have unique permissions that would not be recognized by a parent land use designation are proposed to be maintained (i.e. the Special Policy Area includes uses that would not otherwise be permitted by the parent land use designation, or only a single or very specific use is permitted).
  • •Combining all the land use designations that apply to all the different secondary plans, to create one consolidated set of policies that apply to an entire new secondary plan area. The consolidation of these existing land use designations may result in minor additional permissions for certain properties, however, this exercise is not intended to redesignate any properties. Rather, this exercise is being undertaken to clarify the language and ensure the policies are updated so that a further review can be undertaken if necessary once the ongoing Official Plan Review​ (Brampton Plan) is finalized.
  • The Secondary Plans will be updated as appropriate to reflect changes in Official Plan policies once Brampton Plan is in effect.

The second phase of the Secondary Plan Review will continue with the review of some secondary plans within the greenfield area that have not been significantly updated since their adoption. A review of the Bram East Area 41 and Goreway Drive Area 39 Secondary Plans has been initiated. For more information on this review, please click here​.

For more information on the City's Secondary Plan Review, please contact: