City of Brampton's Official Plan

Brampton's Official Plan acts as a road map for city-building. It is a legal document that guides the location and type of housing, industry, offices and shops, as well as the infrastructure needed to support a growing city – streets, parks, transit, schools and recreational amenities. The goals and objectives set out in the Plan work to balance the interests of each property owner with those of the greater community. 

The review of the 1993 Official Plan resulted in City Council adopting Brampton's current Official Plan in October 2006, and the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) approved it in October 2008.

September 2015 Consolidation - City of Brampton 2006 Official Plan

The 2006 Official Plan was approved in part by the OMB by Order in October 2008. The Official Plan includes the Region of Peel's modifications and deferrals set out in the Region's Notice of Decision and appeals to the OMB. For more information, please see the 1993 Official Plan Review.
The 2006 Official Plan has been modified since the October 2008 decision and this September 2015 Office Consolidation includes:

Parts of the 2006 Official Plan are still under appeal and are outlined on Schedules and/or text by a notation as follows: 

  • Original appeals to the 2006 Official Plan are noted with grey highlighting
  • Policies appealed as part of OP2006-43 are noted with yellow highlighting

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