Open Space

Parks and Open Space Review

The City of Brampton is home to more than 850 parks and 217 kilometres of City-owned recreational trails in 3,600 hectares of parkland. Parks and open space are important for the health of our city, providing space for recreational activities and offering a contrast from the built environment. Pathways provide neighbourhood connections and an alternative route to move around.


This review will guide the planning, acquisition, development and use of parks and open space in the City of Brampton. It will identify and address public needs and priorities, provide strategic direction for long-term open space needs, and ensure the efficient and coordinated use of land. This review will help provide a diverse and sustainable parks and open space system for Brampton residents and visitors.

The primary goal of this review is to amend policies and related mapping to reflect the influences affecting the City’s parks and open spaces. The City wants to identify strategies that accommodate recreation, leisure, cultural and environmental protections that respond to current and future needs.

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