Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage Policy Review

The City of Brampton has inherited a rich legacy of cultural heritage resources that contribute to a sense of permanence and continuity. Their conservation provides a vital link to the past and a foundation for planning the future, contributing to the identity, character, vitality, economic prosperity and quality of life of the city.


This review will update the policy framework of the Official Plan as it relates to cultural heritage policies, in accordance with the City’s Strategic Plan, the 2014 Provincial Policy Statement, the Provincial Growth Plan and the Ontario Heritage Act.


The Heritage Policy Review will recommend policy directions which will:

  • Align with the requirements and objectives outlined in the Ontario Heritage Act, Provincial Policy Statement, Planning Act, and other relevant policy, legislation, and regulation
  • Reflect current best practices in the field of cultural heritage conservation
  • Promote the successful conservation of cultural heritage resources in the context of a rapidly growing city

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