Age Friendly Brampton

The City of Brampton has a diverse and growing population. According to Census Canada, Brampton's seniors population rose by 40% between 2011 and 2016, to total 66,270. To meet the needs of its residents, by being inclusive and accessible, and promoting aging-in place, the City is developing an Age-Friendly Brampton Strategy.
The City is working to become a leader in age-friendliness by ensuring that the aging community has access to necessary services, is valued and able to contribute to civic life, and has a suitable environment with strong supports in which they can remain healthy and age safely, with purpose and dignity.

In preparing for a rapidly growing aging population, the City is pursing admission into the World Health Organization's (WHO) Network of Age-Friendly Cities and Communities. Brampton is committed to advancing public and policy goals that align with the World Health Organization's eight established focus areas that define an age-friendly community by:

  • Outdoor spaces and public buildings that are pleasant, clean, secure and physically accessible;
  • Public transportation that is affordable and accessible;
  • Housing that is affordable, appropriately located, well built, well designed and secure;
  • Ensuring opportunities for seniors to participate in leisure, social, cultural and spiritual activities with people of all ages and cultures;
  • Encouraging civic participation;
  • Improving access to information, and;
  • Providing community support and access to health services tailored to the needs of older persons.

An Age-Friendly Brampton Advisory Committee has been established to lead the Age Friendly Strategy that responds to the needs of the community, which includes members of the public, citizens and stakeholders.

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Public Engagement

On January 19, 2019, the City of Brampton hosted its first inaugural Age Friendly Forum to engage with residents of all ages to discuss how to make Brampton a better place to live at all stages of life.

In Fall 2018, three public workshops were held to engage with the community to understand how the City can be more age-friendly. In addition, a survey was conducted to inform the direction for the City's Age-Friendly Strategy.

Age-Friendly Strategy and Action Plan

The Age-Friendly Strategy and Action Plan was unanimously endorsed by Council on June 19, 2019. The Plan recommends actions for implementation focused on the issues that were identified as the highest priorities 

during the engagement process, as well as those that can be implemented or supported by the City. The Age-Friendly Strategy and Action Plan moves the City forward in its commitment to being an age-friendly community that is welcoming to all and promotes opportunities for aging-in-place. The Plan provides a framework to guide future, more detailed decision-making and planning within the City and its community partners.

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