Parks, Culture and Recreation Master Plan (2008)

In 2007, prompted by the City’s continued growth and the desire to maintain Brampton’s legacy of delivering a high quality parks and leisure system to its residents, the City embarked on the development of  the Parks, Culture and Recreation Master Plan. The objective of the master planning exercise was to establish a long term, strategic vision for the City in the areas of parks, recreation and culture. The background research, in support of the plan’s delivery included a thorough analysis of existing facilities and programs, extensive consultation with residents and other stakeholder groups and evaluation of “best practices”. The result of these efforts was the completion of two documents - the Consolidated Technical Report and the Strategic Master Plan Report document. 

The vision identified that:

Brampton residents, regardless of age, ability, resources, language or gender, will have opportunities to participate in enjoyable, safe, assumed and rewarding leisure experiences that contribute to: individual health; a sense of belonging within strong integrated communities and stewardship to quality recreation, sport, arts and culture programs, and facilities, parks and open space and customer service, the City of Brampton will help to create communities that are individually unique, attractive, welcoming and positive.​

Master Plan Status

On November 5, 2008, the Committee of Council passed a resolution that simply "received" the Strategic Master Plan Report. The Report represented the detailed "recommendations" portion of the Parks, Culture and Recreation Master Plan exercise. This document was released for public comment in November 2007. It responded to the input and observations made through the formal consultation phase of the study process – as documented in the Consolidated Technical Report.
Given Council’s decision to "receive" the document, it means that both the Consolidated Background Technical Report and the Strategic Master Plan Report will be reserved for "internal reference only". It is used by staff as a guide in the planning and programming of parks, culture and recreation services, but cannot be released publicly.

Current Work & Key Areas of Focus

Despite the fact that the Master Plan was not formally ‘approved’, it continues to be a guide in the ongoing planning the City undertakes to do in the field of parks, recreation and culture. Six broad themes or areas of focus were identified to ensure that parks, recreation and culture strategies and initiatives are aligned. These areas of focus include:
  • Growth: focus on ensuring that initiatives will reflect and respond to a multitude of new leisure facilities demanded by a rapidly growing and diversified city. Initiatives include the review of the Parkland Dedication By-law, Facility Development Strategy and Parkland Acquisition Strategy.
  • Sustainability: focus on integrating environmental concerns with the design, construction and the operation of leisure services.
  • Fiscal responsibility: developing guidelines and protocols to evaluate and foster partnership opportunities for the development and operation of leisure services.
  • Community development: a focus on decentralizing service delivery and recognizing the individual needs of the various neighbourhoods and communities within Brampton.  While maintaining a centralized control of administrative practices to ensure consistent application to policies and procedures.
  • Arts and culture: a focus on incorporating cultural spaces and programs into new and existing leisure facilities. It will also involve developing and ratifying a new arts policy.
  • Active living: active recreation initiatives are already well developed through the City’s Active 2010 program and leisure service delivery. Other initiatives will involve implementing the City’s Pathways Action Plan to continue to build an integrated pathway system.
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