Parks Construction Map

Below is a corresponding interactive map and list of the City of Brampton’s current parks development/redevelopment projects.
  • Note: Map icons indicate park construction types. Click on an icon to get more information.
    • New Development - Green
    • Park Redevelopment/Enhancements - Blue
    • Park Redevelopment/Playground - Brown
    • Recreational Trail Development - Orange
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Parks planning, development and redevelopment is coordinated by three sections in the Engineering and Development Services Division, Planning and Infrastructure Services Department.

  • New Neighbourhood Parks’ development are coordinated through the development approvals’ process - typically constructed by the developer under the over-sight of the Open Space Development Section
  • Large, multi-use Community and City Parks’ development (e.g. Creditview-Sandalwood Park) are designed and developed by the Capital Parks Construction Section
  • Major redevelopment of parks is also coordinated by the Capital Parks Construction Section
  • Minor redevelopment/enhancements of parks (e.g. playground equipment replacement, shade structure replacement/new installations, pathway repairs, etc.) are coordinated jointly by the Capital Parks Construction Section and the Parks Maintenance and Operations Division
  • Recreational Trails development (in parks, valleys, utility corridors, etc.) are coordinated by the Capital Parks Construction and Open Space Development Sections.

For more information about a specific project, please contact 3-1-1.