Measuring the Sustainability Performance of New Development

The City of Brampton takes a comprehensive approach to planning and designing sustainable communities. The Sustainable Community Development Guidelines and the Sustainability Assessment Tool​ are designed to measure the environmental sustainability performance of new development applications. 

Sustainable Community Development Guidelines (SCDG) 

The SCDGs form part of the City’s Development Design Guidelines.  They establish qualitative measures to guide the planning and development of new communities and buildings, forming an integral part of secondary and block planning, plans of subdivision, and site plans. 

Measuring the Sustainability Performance of New Development 

Cities of Brampton and Vaughan and the Town of Richmond Hill worked together to produce a consolidated set of Sustainability Metrics to evaluate and score the environmental sustainability performance of new Block Plans, Plans of Subdivision, Site Plans and OPA/ZBA applications.  The Final Comprehensive Report includes background information on the Phase 2 project, information on the chosen performance metrics and an incentive strategy.  

Brampton's Threshold Scores

All Site Plan, Draft Plan and Block Plan applications must achieve at least Bronze score.   


Submission Requirements

Applicants are required to include a Sustainability Score and Sustainability Summary for all application types, except for plans of condominium. Refer to the table below to access the Sustainability Assessment Tool and the Terms of Reference for developing a Sustainability Summary.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Some metrics require the submission of a Letter of Intent that will also need to be submitted with your application.  The Sustainability Metrics Guidebook identifies which metrics require Letter of Intents.​​​​​
Sustainability Score Icon

Step 1: Sustainability Score

Use the Sustainability Assessment Tool to determine your application's Sustainability Score. The following documents will assist you in completing the Sustainability Assessment Tool and understanding the various sustainability metrics:

Sustainability Summary

Step 2: Sustainability Summary

The Sustainability Summary will assist City staff in the review of your component studies to verify the Sustainability Score. The Terms of Reference for completing the Sustainability Summary and submitting it to the City can be found here​

Letter of Intents:



Performance Metrics

Background Information: Performance Metrics

Sustainability Performance Metrics are organized into Block Plan/Draft Plan and Site Plan tables. Both tables identify the indicators, metrics, targets, precedents and point allocation for each metric. The tables are included below to provide a more detailed explanation behind the Sustainability Score.

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