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This site contains links to documents, drawings and other materials pertaining to Development Applications associated with public meetings and/or staff recommendation reports subsequent to April 3, 2018 only.

Application types include: OPA-Official Plan Amendment, ZBA-Zoning Bylaw Amendment, SUB-Draft Plans of Subdivision, COND-Draft Plans of Condominium and combinations thereof.

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Proposal Info (Name / Location / Description)
Assigned Planner Name

• 1466, 1478 Queen Street West and 9021, 9025 Creditview Road
• To permit a total of 14 residential apartment units; 66 parking spaces and lot coverage of 28.9% and floor space Index (FSI) of 0.71

  • Georgian Humbervale Inc., Sterling Chase Inc. - Glen Schnarr & Associates
  • West of McVean Road, on the south side of Mayfield Road and are municipally known as 6875-6889 Mayfield Road.
  • The development is proposing approximately 204 residential units made up of:
    • 96 apartment units;
    • 5 back-to-back townhouse units; 
    • 80 stacked back-to-back townhouse units;
    • 15 standard townhouses;
    • 8 single detached houses; and,
    • Valleyland blocks and buffer
Himanshu Katyal
  • D.J.K. Land Use Planning – Fifth Avenue Development (Group) Inc.
  • 83 Wilson Avenue and 14 & 6 Centre Street North
  • Proposal Highlight;
  • A 9-storey residential building;
    • 82 dwelling units consisting of:
    o 44 one-bedroom units;
    o 34 two-bedroom units; and
    o 4 three-bedroom units;
    • 58 parking spaces; and;
    • Two one-way access points one each on Centre Street North (ingress) and Wilson Avenue (egress).
Carmen Caruso
  • 185 & 187 Queen Street East
  • Permit a mixed-use development consisting of a 9 storey apartment building with commercial uses at grade.
    • To permit a total of 4 commercial units;
    • To permit a total of 80 residential units;
    • To permit a net density of 500 units per net hectare and a floor space index (FSI) of 6.85; and,
    • To provide two levels of underground parking consisting of a total of 43 parking spaces.
  • 2644083 Ontario Inc. – Asternik International Corp.).
  • To permit additional retail uses for 136 square metres of take-out restaurant to an existing building
  • 18 Corporation Drive
  • Kennedy Road Owners Group (KROG) – Madan Sharma
  • 0, 7646, 7660 & 7686 Kennedy Road South
  • To facilitate the future development of a common elements condominium consisting of one single detached dwelling, 71 townhouse units, an amenity space tot lot, a private internal road and visitors parking.
South of Mayfield Road between Clarkway Drive and Coleraine Drive
To permit a temporary use for a truck parking and outdoor storage of tractor trailers. The proposal would accommodate 485 truck/trailer parking spaces
  • Your Home (Ebenezer) Inc. - Candevcon East Limited
  • 4316 Ebenezer Road
  • Application to Amend the Official Plan, Zoning By-law, and Draft Plan of Subdivision to permit the development of 78 stacked townhouse dwellings, and a Valleyland block with associated buffer.
  • Candevcon Ltd. - Navjot Brar
  • 10764 Bramalea Road
  • Three townhouse dwelling blocks, an amenity space block, a block for parking and a private laneway with access from Bramalea Road
  • Chacon Retirement Village Inc. – Candevcon Limited
  • 9664 Goreway Drive
  • To permit the development of a phased retirement community featuring the following:
    A 5-storey building housing 70 assisted living/ independent living units;
    A 2-storey medical office/ pharmacy/ convenience commercial building;
    A 5-storey seniors condominium building with 60 2-bedroom units; and
    121 parking spaces
  • Schlegel Villages Inc. – Wellings Planning Consultants Inc.
  • 425 Great Lakes Drive
  • To permit further development of a phased retirement community featuring the following:
    Two 12-storey towers with 3-storey podium wings
    A total of 512 retirement home suites and seniors apartments;
    A ‘Town Square’ atrium’ main entrance and one-storey Main Street connecting the phases and providing ancillary personal service, dining, medical and recreational uses; and
    316 parking spaces
Dana Jenkins
  • Glenshore Investments Inc. – Mhbc Planning
  • 5203 Old Castlemore Road
  • To permit the development of commercial and industrial uses, to create a stormwater management facility, and a Valleyland block for the Rainbow Creek tributary with associated buffers.
  • The property is located north of Castlemore Road and west of Highway 50. The site is largely vacant with agricultural uses.
City InitiatedZBA
City Initiated
Amendments to Comprehensive Zoning By-law 270-2004
06-Jul-20City Wide
City Initiated ZBA
City Initiated
Amendments To Comprehensive Zoning By-law 270-2004
06-Jul-20City Wide
  • Mayfield Commercial Centre Ltd. – Weston Consulting
  • East of Airport Rd and South of Mayfield Rd.
  • To permit the development of commercial and office uses, which may include retail, professional offices, medical offices, and a hotel, within 14 buildings that have a combined gross floor area of approximately 20,257m2 (218,044 ft2). A total of 1,136 surface parking spaces will be provided and shared between the buildings
  • Casa-North Investments Inc., Sandringham Place Inc., Berkinfield Management Inc., & Wolverleigh Construction Ltd. –KLM Planning Partners Inc.
  • East of Torbram Road, South of Mayfield Road, North of Countryside Drive, and West of Airport Road
  • To permit 1102 residential dwelling units, portions of two institutional blocks, valley lands with associated buffers, a commercial block, four open space blocks, four wetland compensation areas, and three stormwater management ponds.
  • Berkinfield Management Inc. – KLM Planning Partners Inc.
  • West of Torbram Road between Mayfield Road and Coutryside Drive
  • To permit 601 residential dwelling units, portions of two institutional blocks, valley lands, and a portion of an open space block
  • Gagnon Walker Domes Professional Planners – Creditview 11 Holdings Inc.
  • 9401 Creditview Road
  • To develop a 0.79 hectare site with single detached residential lots;
  • 8 single detached residential lots;
  • 5 residential reserve blocks;
  • A natural heritage system buffer block;
  • A temporary road access block; and,
    The northerly extension of Maybeck Drive
OZS-2019-0010 ZBA/SUB
• KLM Planning Partners – 695904 Ontario Inc. (DG Group)
• The property is located on the northwest side of Countryside Drive and Torbram Road
• The application is proposing the development of 54 single detached dwelling lots, 40 single detached dwelling blocks, a medium density block, a secondary school, a stormwater management block, a valleyland block with associated buffer blocks and a wetland compensation area block
• The application is proposed to change the zoning to allow for the proposed development.
• KLM Planning Partners Inc. – Muirlands Holdings Inc.
• 8403 Creditview Rd. (southerly extension of Porter Creek Hollow and Vernosa Dr.)
• To permit a residential development with single detached residential dwellings. It proposes to change the zoning from ‘Agricultural (A)’ to zones permitting single detached residential dwellings, an open space zone, and a floodplain zone.
Details of the proposal include:
• 20 lots for single detached residential dwellings;
• Two residential part blocks to be combined with two existing part blocks in the adjacent subdivision;
• The extension of two public roads - Porter Creek Hollow and Vernosa Drive; and,
• Open space blocks, a woodlot block, and two vista blocks.
Nitika Jagtiani

• Jindal Developments Ltd. - GForce Planners
• 1965 -1975 Cottrelle Blvd, south side of Cotrelle Blvd. and  west of McVean Dr.
• The application is proposing the development of a new 7 storey apartment building with 72 residential units, 2 townhouse blocks with 12 total townhouse units, and to add 1 new commercial unit to an existing commercial building.

• 2639509 Ontario Ltd. – Candevcon Limited
• 10783 Creditview Road, is located on the east side of Creditview Road, south of Buick Boulevard
• The application is proposing the development of 8 semi-detached dwelling units. The application is proposed to change the zoning to ‘Residential Semi-Detached - Section XXXX which would permit the proposed and semi-detached unit lots.
Weston Consulting - Corscorp Wanless Inc.
1265. 1279, 1303, and 1323 Wanless Drive
Application is proposing the development of 43 townhouse units and 5 semi-detached dwelling lots
247557 Ontario Inc. - Gagnon Walker Domes Ltd.
50 Wentworth Court
Application to amend the Zoning By-law to permit a Concrete Batching Plant
Cynthia Owusu-Gyimah
Glen Schnarr and Associates - Kaneff Properties Limited
South Side of Financial Drive, East of Mississauga Road
Application to amend the Zoning By-law to permit stacked townhouses at the subject property, in addition to conventional townhouses, which are already permitted by the zoning for the property
Havenwood Properties (Central) Ltd. - Glen Schnarr and Associates
East of Financial Drive and North of Steeles Avenue West
Application to amend the Official Plan, Zoning By-law and Plan of Subdivision for the development of a 31.24 hectare site to facilitate the development of 300 residential units
City Initiated Application to Amend the Comprehensive Zoning By-law
The subject lands are bounded by The Gore Road, Ebenezer Road, Fogal Road and Nexus Avenue
22-Jun-20City Wide
Mattamy (Credit River) Limited - Korsiak Urban Planning
10201 Mississauga Road and 0 Mississauga Road
Develop the lands for residential townhouses
OZS-2020-0006 SUB

Candevcon Ltd. – Sunfield Investments Inc.  

57 McMurchy Avenue South 

Create a Plan of Subdivision with two townhouse dwelling blocks

C11E15.002 ZBA
Glen Schnarr & Associates Inc., (Orlando/Prologis)
Southwest of Hwy 50 & Countryside Drive
To permit the lands to be developed for an industrial business centre
Rob Nykyforchyn,
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