Central Area Vision

Central Brampton is undergoing an exciting period of change. Brampton's Central Area contains three Precincts that together identify and promote the strength and community of the City.

Central Area Vision 2On September 18, 2005, the Planning, Design and Development Committee approved the Central Area and Downtown Vision. On October 24, 2005, Brampton’s Mayor Susan Fennell and members of Brampton City Council worked with urban planners to host a well attended Mayor’s Town Hall meeting to share the City’s Vision.

People who attended these meetings heard that the Vision for Central Brampton builds on a well-established area with a strong character and urban tradition, housing the most important civic and cultural institutions, as well as public spaces.

For the future, the Vision focuses on balanced, coherent design, with traditional forms and details and appropriate forms and building heights, and denser forms at key locations. This means that we hope to gradually replace how we use the area today with development focused on pedestrians and public transit.

After the committee approved the Vision, Planning and Development staff worked on implementing it by:Central Area Vision 1

• Developing the Downtown Urban Design Study and rezoning key areas of Downtown and the Queen Street Corridor (2006)
• Developing the new Community Improvement Plan, providing incentives for redevelopment (2007)
• Approving of key development applications resulting in developers completing (or still constructing) five projects
• Finishing the Garden Square, and planning and building significant Downtown streetscape improvements.

This Vision provides a framework for urban design and other studies, and helps staff to develop policies.Central Area Vision 3 It also sets a context for reviewing development applications.

Planning continues on a number of fronts, related to policy development, heritage preservation and planning studies to unfold the approved Vision.

Revitalization of the area is supported by the current secondary plans for the Central Area. Staff will refine and enhance them through this ongoing work.