Brampton has been a film-friendly city for years. The Brampton Film Office provides excellent location coordinating services for all film and media productions in the City and provides industry development support to the local screen-based community.

The City of Brampton is conveniently located beside the Toronto International Airport, and borders Toronto.

As a large and growing city Brampton offers a great diversity of locations.  You will find a historic downtown, modern infrastructure, forested retreats, rivers, lakes, modern and heritage sports facilities, and more. Below you will see a sample of our locations.

We have our own internal database of photos of locations, to inquire about specific location options please contact us at 905.874.3361 or film@brampton.ca.

You can find all City of Brampton’s controlled property available for filming on the online digital library for Ontario Film Commission, known as Ontario Creates at www.ontariocreates.com.​​

Modern Buildings



Natural Spaces


Sport & Rec Venues

Heritage Buildings