Guidelines for Locations

Prior to giving permission for filming, property owners will need information on what will occur and how the production company will utilize their property.  

Property owners will also want to enter into an agreement with the production company and obtain independent legal (or business) advice prior to entering into a contract, or arrangement.


  • What dates and times the filming will take place.  Will they need additional set up and/or take down and clean up dates?

Personnel and Vehicles

  • The number of personnel (cast, crew, extras) that will be on site.
  • How many vehicles and what types/sizes will be parked on the property?


  • The property owner should request proof of the production company’s general liability insurance, showing the Property Owner as an additional insured related to the company’s use of the owner’s property for filming, prior to the company entering on the property to commence their filming production.
  • The property owner should also contact their own insurance company to ensure they are also covered properly.
  • Property owners should obtain independent legal (or business) advice prior to entering into a contract, or arrangement, with a production company.

Site Fees and/or Modifications

  • What, if any, changes, alterations, movement of furniture, etc, will the production company be making?
  • It is up to the property owner and the production company to agree on a fee.  The fee should be paid in advance.  Damage deposits are also common in the industry.  The certified cheque is held, uncashed, and then returned to the production company once the filming is completed and both parties are satisfied.


For a sample ‘Location Agreement’ please contact the Brampton Film Office at or 905.874.3361.