Economic Development Master Plan


Brampton is on the verge of a significant transformation. We are energized with new knowledge and inspired by new ways of thinking. We are prioritizing innovation through ORIGINALITY, talent through our ACCOMPLISHMENTS and competitiveness through our DRIVE to succeed and be the best.


Brampton is Now



Our Mission
  • Support the creation of more than 140,000 net new local jobs over the next 20 years, with at least 60% of residents working within the community 

  • Develop and support vibrant business, education and innovation ecosystems that generate new investment, new businesses and entrepreneurs

  •  Transform our City into living mosaic of business, culture and diversity

Key Goals

​​1. Brampton is ORIGINAL Now - We’re prioritizing innovation and entrepreneurship by connecting great minds through an innovation ecosystem and an unparalleled drive to succeed. 

2. Brampton is DRIVEN Now - Brampton has the energy, drive and tools to succeed on a global scale. Our competitiveness drives economic growth, attracts investment and stimulates wealth and prosperity for the city. 

3. Brampton is ACCOMPLISHED Now- Our young, diverse talent gives us a leading competitive edge for attracting, developing and retaining new jobs and talent. 

As a next step, Economic Development staff will be developing performance metrics for job creation, investment, innovation and entrepreneurship. Work will be done to identify roles for key partners and groups, and as the action plan is implemented, and results are measured, staff will ensure the appropriate communication with key audiences.

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