Investment Snapshot 2019

In 2019, Brampton achieved significant growth as a result of the City’s mission to attract new jobs and investment to our city. Through major private and public investment and associated job growth, Brampton continues to position itself as a key economic region for investment, and will remain among the country’s most active markets in Canada.

The City of Brampton added over 3.2 million square feet to its inventory resulting in over $600 million in construction investment to the city in 2019. The high level of construction activity in Brampton is an important indicator of the investment being brought into the region. 

Copy of 2020 Residential Sq.Ft 2.8M (11).png 

Copy of 2020 Residential Sq.Ft 2.8M (12).png

There was a 109% increase in construction investment in 2018-2019.

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