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Brampton Ramps Up Its Tech Game in November

November in Brampton has been jam-packed with tech events for youth including Startup Weekend, Driving Dreams, Sparkin' Stem, Four Day Workshop at Jean Augustine Secondary School in Partnership with SCI-Arc  and more.

Brampton Kicks Off FDI Strategy to Spur More Foreign Investment

Earlier this year, Council approved $1.875 million to implement Brampton’s Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategy. The FDI strategy will attract new investment and jobs, fill gaps in the supply chain, diversify the tax base, and promote economic growth.

Two critical cybersecurity questions for business owners

Cybersecurity still operates in a mysterious space for many organizations. All layers of an organization, owners, executives, senior managers and other team members, struggle to determine their role in defining cyber risks as well as the overall Cybersecurity framework within their organization. Far too often, discussions on cyber threats and risks get relegated to those who are responsible for IT operations.

How Brampton is Becoming a Leader in Cybersecurity

A cybersecurity ecosystem is growing right here in Brampton. With Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst, Chang School of Continuing Education and Sheridan College, offering numerous opportunities in learning and skilling up in cybersecurity, Brampton continues to strengthen its position on the Innovation Corridor.

Will the USMCA Change Your Location Strategy? - Tracey Hyatt Bosman

A look at the three industries facing the biggest impacts from the “new NAFTA” trade agreement

Negotiations were concluded in 2018 on the “New NAFTA” free-trade agreement—called the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA)—which could mark the end of a period of uncertainty regarding trade rules between member countries.

Mexico has now ratified the agreement, but the U.S. and Canada have yet to do so, and questions remain regarding the willingness among U.S. Democratic lawmakers to pass the measure as written.

You’ve been hacked, now what?

Panel discussing real-life examples of how companies can optimally defend themselves against ever-changing *cybersecurity threats* and strengthen the *protection and privacy* of their data.

Cybersecurity Takes Centre Stage in Brampton

The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre and Start-up Peel invite you to the #EmergingBiz Cyber Talks - Scaling Through Resiliency. Operating a business with resilience is crucial. Join industry experts on July 24 (5:00-7:30pm) for a panel discussion on Threat Protection, Adaptability, Durability and Recoverability.

Brampton Cuts Red Tape for Global Talent

The City of Brampton has signed an agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to become a referral partner for the Global Skills Strategy program. The program cuts red tape and makes the process for accessing global talent quicker and easier.

City begins strategy to bring the world to Brampton

City of Brampton’s Economic Development and Culture office unveiled a step-by-step plan to increase jobs and growth in Brampton by building stronger economic linkages around the globe. The goal is to demonstrate to the world that Brampton is a city of opportunities.

Innovation Road Trip Brampton

City of Brampton Economic Development Office hosted international businesses and partners at our new co-working space as part of the Collision Conference Innovation Road Trip.

Jobs and Investment Profile 2018

The Economic Development Office has released a Snapshot of Brampton’s jobs and investment activity, highlighting 2018 successes and continued positioning for growth in 2019 and beyond.

Brampton to host Cybersecurity in Manufacturing Conference on April 25

Ryerson University, in collaboration with the City of Brampton, is presenting Make IT Secure, a one-day conference on Cybersecurity in the manufacturing sector. The event is being hosted jointly by Cybersecure Catalyst and the Canadian Center for Cyber Security on Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Steel and Aluminum Initiative

Calling all Brampton businesses! Federal government recently announced an initiative that could help imporove your productivity and competitiveness. Read more for details.

Tech Weekend in Brampton

Tech activity in Brampton is at an all-time high. In the last month, the City of Brampton’s Economic Development Office supported four events that drew out hundreds of the city’s talented youth innovators, angel investors, and professional newcomers.

Perspective Brampton – Brampton Is Now

A Global Leader in Innovation, Talent, Jobs and Investment.
Brampton is investing in talent through collaboration and partnerships. We are prioritizing innovation and entrepreneurship and driving our competitiveness to stimulate jobs and investment. And it’s all happening NOW.

Cybersecurity in Brampton: The Opportunity

The City of Brampton is hosting a panel discussion on Cybersecurity at City Hall on the evening of March 6, 2019. The free event is open to the public and brings industry experts and educators together to share insights on the important and expanding area of cybersecurity, as well as share opportunities within the city.