Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Sponsor Brampton Recreation and Community Programs​

We offer a wide range of opportunities for sponsorship in Brampton’s recreational programming. Our world-class facilities are host to indoor and outdoor amenities that feature a variety of programs and activities. Beyond sports, there is something for every age group and interest, including initiatives in science, technology, mathematics, and environment. Contact us today!

​Recreation Programs

Sponsoring Brampton’s recreation programs helps provide our community with an assortment of recreational experiences.

Parks & Green-City Initiatives

Sponsor the green initiatives of Brampton and help in creating a healthy, livable and safe community. Let’s work together to ensure the environment that we all live, work and play in stays healthy for current and future generations.


Partnering with the City of Brampton has given us the opportunity to help build a stronger community. The Sponsorship team recommended a program that connected with our environment and sustainability focus amplifying our message through a campaign that saw over 10-million impressions. We highly recommend working with the City and its Green City initiatives to extend the importance of the environment citywide. CN is a proud partner of the City of Brampton and helping our community to be a better place to live and work.
Daniel Salvatore
Manager, Public Affairs, Ontario 

​Amenity Sponsorship

Brampton is home to modern gymnasiums, indoor fields, rinks, pools and courts, outdoor fields, rinks and parks.

Click here to learn more about becoming an amenity sponsor.