15 Local Students Launching Summer Companies

The Brampton Entrepreneur Centre’s Summer Company program will work with 15 students to turn their business ideas into a reality.  Summer Company is an Ontario government program for students between ages 15 and 29 that helps them to start their own summer business. The program provides hands-on training, mentorship and financial grants of up to $3000. 
Supporting new opportunities for youth employment and youth entrepreneurship is an action identified in the City’s Economic Development Master Plan. The Plan is a roadmap for the City to attract jobs, talent and investment over the next 20 years. Helping youth gain practical experience in business has direct connections to future economic growth.
Student businesses for this year’s program include photography, clothing design and retail, arts-based businesses, and graphic design. Along with mentoring and training sessions that are part of the Summer Company program, the students-turned-entrepreneurs are juggling their time meeting client needs and generating some initial business income.
This year’s participants were selected from more than 120 applicants from Brampton and Caledon.  For information about the Summer Company program and for updates to apply for summer 2019, visit www.ontario.ca/summercompany
Summer Company Class of 2018
Ethan Acosta – ERA Music Arts
Kevin Appiah – Ohh Kevo Photography
Muhammad Chaudhry – Verge (marketing company)
Jugraj Dhillon – Brampton Auto Detailers
Raquel Goka – R.A.C.K.S (focuses on the art and authenticity of hip hop dancing as well as female empowerment)
Renato Guidolin – UNIQUITY (youth Arts - LGBTQ Youth Progamming & Environmental issues, retailing renewable apparel, graphics designed by local artists.)
Devaang Gupta – Bag of Tricks LTD.
Warsan Hagi – Yusuf – Final Sun Hair
Brian Kamai – Local Action (streetwear)
Mark Meritt – The Apptist Inc
Zaineb Niazi – Jzdesign (graphic design)
Farizah Naeem – The Flower Girl (paper flowers, bouquets, backdrops, home decor, canvases, flower vases and party favours such as gift boxes)
Raquel Palmer- Essentials (clothing retail)
Daniel Sheppard- Ambitious Youth (helping up and coming artists in the music industry)
Dwayne Sserubiri- FurKay (recycled furniture)

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Receive up to $3,000 Grant