New Year Productivity Tips To Help You Kick Start Your Business in 2020

The beginning of a new year always gets us thinking: How can we help you make the most out of the next 365 days, so you can crush your goals and make it your best year yet?  To help you make the most out of 2020, we’re going to take a look at five tips you can start using right now to jump start your new year’s motivation and achieve your goals.
1. Learn the power of prioritization - Every one of us has 24 hours a day to use as we choose. The question is whether or not we use that time effectively. Successful entrepreneurs know how to prioritize work and complete what’s most important. They are laser-focused on executing work that has the most impact. They know effective time management strategies and how to take back time by utilizing time blocking, delegation, and saying no to anything that gets in the way of high priority tasks.

2. Delegate as much as possible - Delegating tasks is an important, yet tricky, art in the realm of entrepreneurship. It’s a way to lighten your workload and distribute tasks among your employees and partners, and if you do it right, you’ll end up more productive as an organization -- as well as be less stressed on a personal level

3. Embrace a 'WTF' attitude - No, not what you're thinking (although, you're probably saying that a lot this time of year!) For us, WTF stands for Willing to Fail, meaning we lean into failures as learning opportunities. We believe the only way to grow is to try new things, and more often than not, this means we make mistakes.

4. Make a list - List making is an excellent practice for feeling better about yourself on a day-to-day basis. Every time you cross off a “to-do” from your list, you get a sense of accomplishment and victory that will make your self-image shine a little brighter. Having tasks clearly laid out will reduce your stress, allowing your mind to focus on the task at hand and leaving the big picture stuff on the paper.

5. Choose a positive mindset - Your attitude will determine how quickly you reach your pre-holiday productivity levels. Our thoughts hold a lot of power over what we can accomplish. If you constantly complain about your overwhelming workload, it’s unlikely that you’ll get anything done. This year, choose to have a positive mindset about everything you do. We promise, it’s your secret superpower to blasting your goals in 2020.