Entrepreneurs Connect is a workshop series where we discuss business topics that add value to your business. We follow the short presentation with Q&A with subject matter experts. The purpose of the event is to create synergies with local businesses and allow them to be a part of a family of mentors and mentees who come together to avoid social isolation that can occur when people are in business by themselves. Connecting is the best form of learning! join us as we work together to help your business succeed. ​  

Presented in partnership with MNP


Tax Sense for Your Small Business

​Of all the choices you make when starting a business, one of the most important is the type of legal structure you choose. The business structure you select will have important small business tax considerations. Join Jacob Angemeer, Partner at MNP, and Tushar Goel, Senior Manager at MNP for this informative webinar on the tax benefits of each business structure.

Incorporating Your Business

Thinking about incorporating? As your business matures, the realities of your legal and tax situations will change. Incorporating can unlock a range of benefits for you and your business. Incorporating Your Business will teach you how a registered corporation can help lower risk and optimize tax benefits. Join Andreas Mourtos, Partner at MNP, and learn how to become an incorporated business.

Bookkeeping Essentials:  Keeping Your Business on Track
Whether large or small, there is one thing all businesses have in common – they require accurate and timely bookkeeping. Join Tyril Froese, Partner at MNP for this informative webinar on bookkeeping essentials. Learn the difference between bookkeeping and accounting, common errors to avoid and how to record financial transactions to get you bookkeeping like a pro.

Business Valuations for Investor Conversations
​Understanding what drives value in your business and how to measure business value is essential for productive discussions with potential and current investors. This knowledge also provides a critical foundation in strategic planning for the growth of your company. A business valuation can help you better understand the components of business value including intangible assets. Join Amanda Salvatori, Partner at MNP to learn more about business value, value drivers, and intangible asset value.
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